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  • Bummer. Well I'm looking for updated posts regarding supplements for improving coats and then also my babgirl Zola has a Chicken allergy so been looking for reasonably priced limited ingredient food that is "doodlekisses" approved. I've been giving her Earthborn Holistic and American Journey but I just saw that Earthborn is now on the FDA no bueno list. ..

    • Haja, we have a lot of info on these issues in The Food Group. Please join us and post your questions there.
      The FDA list is nonsense, and we have a lot of info about that, too.  Earthborn is a very good brand. 
      It's also doubtful that your dog has a chicken allergy. But we have a lot of recommended limited ingredient foods on our list in The Food Group as well. 
      Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil will help with dry skin and coats. Evening Primrose oil supplements will too. Info on that in TFG as well.

      • Wow you guys are awesome!! Thanks. And Zola was getting frequent ear infections and itching, we tried all types of things. Once I eliminated chicken from her diet, no more infections. If she gets anything with chicken in it, bam ear infections and itching. Seems to be doing the trick so far... But thank you for the supplement advice! I'll give that a shot. =) 

      • Glad Karen's got it!

  • Many of our older discussions are just as pertinent for grooming, behavior, puppy things. Just FYI

    • You're right, this has been my go to spot ever since I was in search for doodle #1, in 2011. Alot of great info. Thank you!

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