Spay and gastropexy

My mom took me to see the nice vet yesterday and look what he did to me! 



My my mom says it’s a bigger surgery than just a spay but in the future it will protect me from this thing called torsion. Bah humbug. I can’t have any fun for 2 weeks! And they gave me this stupid hat to wear! 




Its really not so bad except I keep getting stuck on the door. We’re doing recovery in style over here. We had a slumber party in the living room last night. It was pretty fun. Or it might have just been the good drugs the vet gave me. 


Overall I’m feeling pretty okay. I had a little breakfast and some water and some more pills. Mom was getting kind of worried because it took 19 hours before I needed to go pee-pee but I secretly have a bladder of steel. Don’t tell her. It might foil my game of going outside every 15 minutes normally. 

Right before we did this mom wondered if maybe the gastropexy was overkill, since I didn’t grow very big. But then she decided that it was important because of my parentage even though I forgot to grow. Mom says it might be a long two weeks, but I’m gonna be glad we did this when I don’t ever have babies or that bad old GDV.

  1. XOXO, Willow

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  • Hang in there, Willow!  Glad it turned out OK!!!

  • Your mom deserves a lot of credit and a lot of kisses for doing this for you, Willow. I know it might not seem like it right now, but this shows how very much she loves you. 

    I hope you heal quickly. In the meantime, this is when you can get all kinds of extra treats if you play your cards right, because moms are always very generous with treats and goodies when they feel sorry for you. Trust me on that. :)
    Love from your friend Jasper.

    • Oh yes, she loves me. She’s been letting me eat the really expensive meal toppers as a snack. And I’ve comandeered the couch while she sits on the floor! 3551780588?profile=RESIZE_710x

  •  Hey Willow, Wrangler here! I had a neuter and gastropexy on Aug 22. My Mom saidI was out of it through the next day but after that, I was my bouncy self! I was even able to go on vacation on Aug 31! I hated the balloon around my neck but what can you do? I did get me out of Mom’s training routine for a few days and that was cool! 


    • I'm so glad to see people doing gastropexy surgery on their doodles. So many doodle owners have never even heard of it, or of GDV. 

      • What's weird to me is that vets don't seem to be recommending it. Mine didn't mention it at all until I told him I wanted it. I wonder why.

        • A friend of mine asked her vet that question, and she said it was because whenever she did mention it to a doodle owner, they always declined and acted like they thought the vet was just trying to make some extra money. Same thing with not even being familiar with the condition. 
          In the Chicago Doodles FB group, one woman's vet did recommend gastropexy when her Bernedoodle was spayed, and the woman went to the group to ask if anyone had ever heard of this, if it was necessary, if they had done it, etc. Most people had never heard of it and nobody had done it. I was tagged and explained the whats and whys and she did do the surgery. If i hadn't responded, I don;t know that she would have.
          Go into a Standard Poodle group and ask those questions. You won;t find one single person who isn't aware of GDV and gastropexy. 
          It goes back to the fact that a huge huge number of doodle owners are first time dog owners with little to no knowledge of breed issues or even general dog issues, period. It's something i noticed back in 2008 when DK and other doodle forums first started, and it doesn;t appear to have changed.
          I think it's also because there are so few responsible doodle breeders who are knowledgable about Poodles or even bother to give clients health info. God forbid they would mention that doodles are prone to any kind of health issue, they might lose a sale. 

          • My total for the spay and gastropexy came out to 560. Which I really don't think is bad. Certainly I could have had it done cheaper, but I opted for preop labs which were 72 dollars. That also covers laser therapy, anesthesia, pain meds, and surgical monitoring. The less expensive places don't do labs and advanced monitoring. I don't think I could take that risk again. The line item for the spay was 100 and the line item for the gastropexy was 125.00 I don't think any of the charges are out of line. I think when you take responsibility for an animal you have to take responsibility for the costs of owning them as well. We could have skipped the labs, making the assumption that they would be perfect, which they were. But in the future if there's ever a problem we have that to go back and compare it to as a baseline set of labs.

            I think the vets should at least tell people about it. Let them turn it down, but at least if they were unaware of the potential for GDV they were told. I knew it was an issue with breeds like poodles and great danes, but when I had Ava spayed it never even occured to me to have it done. Probably a good thing - with the mess they made of her spay, can you imagine what they might have done with the gastropexy? But I still learned how important it was between her and these two girls. 

            • I think that pricing is surprisingly reasonable. I've read that the gastropexy alone is $400. 

              I know the lost cost spay-neuter clinics, like the low cost vaccination clinics, are necessary. They help people who couldn't otherwise afford to spay or neuter a dog or keep them UTD on vaccines. But I would never use one. I had a foster once who needed spaying, and the rescue wanted me to take her to a low cost clinic. I had to call around to even find one within my comfort zone driving wise; most were in the city. And when I did find one near me, and they started giving me the cost breakdown- X extra for pre-op bloodwork, X extra for IV fluids, X extra for pain meds, (No pain meds? Are you kidding?) etc- it came to $50 less than what my vet charged, because he gives a 20% rescue discount. So I told the rescue I would pay the extra $50 as a donation and took her to my vet. 



              • Looking back I should have changed vets long before I did. They didn't give pain meds after spaying. They said she got a shot and that was all she needs. Come on, that shot doesn't last as long as surgical discomfort. With this vet she got a rimadyl injection and then rimadyl to start the next day and tramadol that I can give up to every 8 hours. I notice she starts getting jumpy right at the 8 hour mark so I'm giving it to her. He said the most important thing was to keep her comfortable, and if the tramadol wasn't working we could switch her to hydrocodone. I don't think we need hydrocodone, but I wouldn't hesitate to switch her to that if she needed it. (constipated dog from opioids?) I really appreciate his attention to post-op pain. He said there are studies that show that they heal faster if they're comfortable. My dogs are fairly stoic, but that doesn't mean they don't have pain. 

                I think where his costs are high are the office visit fees. There are times when I know what I need, and I can't get out of there for less than $100. For better or worse, the old vet doesn't even make you bring the dog in. You can just go tell them what you need and they hand it to you. Maybe not best practice, but it's like you said. They provide services for pets who otherwise would go without because people can't afford vet bills. 

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