10859915252?profile=RESIZE_710x10859914857?profile=RESIZE_710xHi everyone, meet Spice! My 13 week old Shepadoodle. I, like everyone else am curious about her coat, even though I know it's going to be wavy.. lol she's starting to get some coarse spots and some cream areas from her German Shepherd side. Anyone else have a Shepadoodle here? I'd love to see a pic!  (The blurry photo is the most recent)

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  • She's a cute dog. I love her rich black color. What made you choose that particular mix? No predictions on coat as I've only met one shepadoodle. 

  • Cute pup, I love black dogs.  Just so shiny and sleek looking whether they are fuzzy or not.  

    About the coat, to be honest, even a German Shepherd doesn't shed much at 13 weeks.  It's a puppy thing.  If she's part goldendoodle and part German Shepherd that means 75% of her genetics comes from a shedding breed so chances she will shed are quite high.  Maybe won't be quite as bad as a full blown GSD, but I am willing to bet she will NOT be non-shedding.  I hope, for your sake, I'm wrong, but the only way to guarantee non-shedding is to get a non-shedding breed like a poodle, wheaten, schnauzer, etc.  Once you add shedding genetics in, you're taking a gamble.  Because just like human kids can inherit qualities from EITHER parent (and grandparents!), so can puppies.  If you have any siblings (or know people with multiple siblings) you can attest that siblings are NOT cookie cutters of each other and exactly the same 50/50 split of their parents.  

    One parent might be amazing at music and the other might be tone-deaf, but perhaps only 2 out of the 6 siblings inherit a naturally good voice.  One kid could take after the extraverted mom, always talking, always cracking jokes, social butterfly...and another might be the polar opposite shy, quiet, wouldn't dare raise their hand in class unless absolutely necessary and sits alone at recess.  I've got curly hair and my husband has stick straight hair (or used to back when he had hair).  My two kids have straight hair so far.  Not a curl to be found!  

    The point I'm trying to make is that you cannot expect a doodle to inherit nonshedding when there is such strong shedding genes in the ancestry.  It's a big gamble if nonshedding was something that was SUPER important to you.  To me, based on looks and parentage, I predict shedding.

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