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I noticed a spot on Ozzy's back and began to worry after it didn't disappear after a couple of months. I took him to the vet and the vet said that he is too young (4 years old) for it to be cancer but wants to perform surgery to remove it anyway. 

I don't like the idea of surgery unless it's necessary. Please tell me your thoughts or if any of you have experience this with your doodles. 8720716701?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • A good vet doesn't do unnecessary surgery. The only way to know what that is is to do a biopsy, and your vet apparently feels it's important to know what it is. I agree. Jackdoodle had many growths biopsied and/or removed over the years, and all were done under local anesthetic. The risks of removing a small growth under local anesthetic are very low. Did your vet say if the surgery would involve local or general anesthetic? That's important info for making a decision. 

    • The only time I've had a vet say they didn't want to remove growths was with my ancient (18 year old) family Bichon, she had a ton of lumps and the vet said they didn't want to risk putting her under general anaesthesia.  The risk with a relatively young dog is much, much lower but I agree that local anaesthetic the safer.  It really depends on the dog though if they are too wiggly then that wouldn't work.

      • Thank you so much! He's not very wiggly so local anesthesia should work for him. 

    • He did not say whether it would be local or general and I didn't think to ask. I will most definitely find out. Thank you! You're always so helpful!!! 

  • She's too young not to remove it. While it's scary for any procedure, it's important to know what it is. 

    • It is scary but I want to be safe!! 

  • How well do you know this vet?  Why did he not offer to biopsy it immediately?  Generally a vet will say that is a "freckle'"( that is he will name it) I think, but if you would like I can biopsy it.  After the biopsy, you will be advised to remove it NOW and biopsy further or asked if you want it removed under local anaesthesia? 

    There is no such thing as too young for cancer.  If you are happy with your vet otherwise, you could maybe just pursue the biopsy maybe with his next teeth cleaning.  

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    • Riley has a ton of "freckles" but she has always had them (her name at the breeder was actually "freckles" because of this!).  I'm no expert but the one on Ozzy looks quite dark compared to the rest of his pigmentation.  In my mind any sudden change in the pigmentation, size or shape of something on the skin is always worth investigation.  

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