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We had a great time seeing all those beautiful doodles (45+)! Lily & Zeke played til they were pooped out! It was amazing to see all these dogs together seeming to know they were of like kind. My only regret is that we didn't have a way of identifying each other from Doodle Kisses. (Also I forgot my camera)

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That was so much fun! I know my dogs had a good time I enjoyed talking to other fellow Doodle owners. We need to do this again soon:)
Oh yeah, can anyone give me the website Bryan said to go to see pics?

Hi Mandi, Did you provide your e-mail address on Bryan's sigh up sheet on Sat.? If so he will send you an e-mail with lots of pictures. Just in case he has no way of contacting you, here is his e-address. Enjoy! p.s. here is a wonderful picture of you & your cute doodles!
Hi Susan, thanks for the address. Yes I did sign the sheet but have not received pics yet. He may not have had time yet. All the pics are so cute. I enjoyed meeting everyone!
Cyrus and I had a great time!!! Here is a picture courtesy Diana Murphy (Tahoe's Mom). Tahoe is on the left and Cyrus is on the right.

Parris and I had a great time also. It was very nice meeting everyone. The doodles were all so cute.

I found this picture of a very photogenic pair among the romp pictures!



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