Spring bunnies

I just took two Easter bunnies out of Aja's mouth.I could tell she had something in her mouth and I told her to sit and drop.When she opened her mouth she had TWO babies in there.They didn't survive. The one she had in her mouth last year did live and these could have been theirbabies.Whty do rabbits have nest in my back yard???

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  • So sad. I have removed baby rabbit's from doodle mouths. I do believe mama rabbits are dumb : (

  • Sorry about the bunnies. so sad.

    We encounter this problem every year on DK it seems and the consensus is that they come into your yard because they are "Stewpid".

    Here's the discussion:


  • We've had many nests in our yard as well. JD is very gentle with them, though, and has never killed one. I think he is the exception, though. And he is never outside unsupervised.

    I agree that the mothers are stewpid.

  • Oh dear, that is sad. I believe Finnley would be playful, but it wouldn't be in "any bunnies" best health interest.

  • Awwww...poor bunnies, and yes, the mama bunny is stewpid!  I'm sure Trav would munch them up too.  He goes after squirrels like they were mortal enemies, and I'm sure bunnies would be in that same category.

  • We had this happen too! I got both bunnies before the dogs did since DH was there to hang on to them after we saw what they were after--only one lived though--right under our noses they make their nests! I also have a stewpid Robin that makes a nest outside the back door where the dogs can try to reach it all summer---they can't get to it, but once the babies fly out and land on the grass, Mattie is usually right there waiting...ugh!

  • Aw so sad
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