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Standard Goldendoodle F1 B puppy, apricot coat - Changing the puppy's coat - Any predictions?

Ambi is a Standard Goldendoodle F1 B, born November 3, 2018.

His mom is a Standard Goldendoodle F1, apricot, wavy coat, 66 lbs. His father is a Standard Poodle, red coat, 60 lbs.

At the age of 6.5 months, his weight was 54 lbs.

When I took him, he was the largest of the three males in the litter. One of the males was dark red in the first few weeks, but then he became brighter. At the time of tooking, this dark male was even darker than my chosen one, but it was no so big difference between them in color than before. The breeder told me that my chosen one, as opposed to the other, was constantly becoming darker. As I read on various websites in most cases when puppies grow, they become brighter. ? Also now It seems that he will become more darker apricot, because the lower parts of the coat is darker, on the larger part of the body. On the face he does not have darker coat near the skin, so now it looks like the face will be brighter. ?

Do you think that this trend can turn, will be possible that his coat start becoming brighter when changing the coat?

I also wonder whether he will have as an adult wavy or curly coat. He has a lot of curls around her neck. Supposedly can the coat also be combined, on one part of the body wavy and on the other curly?

Can you predict anything about the color, texture and type of the coat or adult weight?

Did anyone have a puppy at that age who looked like Ambi, about the color or texture and type of the coat and if you can attach photos?

I attach photos (some do not show the right color due to inappropriate illumination).

6 or 7 weeks:

9 weeks:

10 weeks:

11 weeks:

3 months:

4 months:

4,5 months:

almost 6 months:

almost 6 months:

6,5 months:

6,5 months:

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Meet ups with other doodle owners and their doodles. Check out the SoCal group post June Romp. The next one is Sunday June 2nd. 

We meet for brunch first and then go to the dog park. 

Oh,  I'm sorry. I thought you were in Southern California. 

Unfortunately, no. I would be happy to see some kind of such a meeting, but they are not here. I come from the country from which your Melania is. ;)

I'm from Austria. I actually took Clooney with me when I went to visit last year. 

Doodles also do not breeding at us. There is one breeder in our country who has F1 Goldendoodles each year. But because I previously read that as many dogs of the F1 generation loses hair, I went to get my Ambi in Germany. They at us also have only creamy puppies, but I wanted a red or darker apricot. Now at least once a day I hear the question: What kind of breed is your dog?

Interesting. Do you know if is anywhere in Austria organized a bigger Doodle meeting? I got Ambi in one of the bigger doodle kennel in nortern Germany, which organize Doodle meetings every year, but I'm too far away. I really would like to visit one such meeting to see more of these "doodle kisses" live.

I don't. But I found 3 members of Doodlekisses in Austria and one in Slovenia (other than you). Maybe you can get in touch with them. 

This would be great! Can you please send me their contacts?

Just go on advanced search and put in the country. 

Yesterday, his first haircut. I was afraid that he will be terrible, but I like his look. He also swam for the first time in the lake yesterday, funny, but he enjoyed very much in the water.

He looks GREAT!

Thank you.

Now, after the cut, he's darker.

I do not know if it's red or darker apricot.
I'm wondering if his hair will change drastically.

Now he has quality, dense, mostly wavy coat, only around the neck and at the beginning of the tail has curly coat.



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