• What is a sticky trap? Like a mousetrap? 

  • So e good news here...I was able to tug and get 2/3 of it free. I cut it off (the sticky trap). Thankfully she is not fussing and potties ok. I'm taking a breather before the next step.
  • Good morning everyone, after some much-needed coffee, I was able to determine that after tugging some of the tail hair and removing the freed up sticky trap, only the tip of her tail Was affected. Fortunately it was just at the tip with no actual tail involved. So I took the easy way out and trimmed with scissors, cutting just the hair at the tip of her trim it away from the sticky trap.

    I hope that in starting this discussion, anyone who has had experience with a more serious Attachment will write with their experience and the successful methods as well as those that did not work. Thank you in advance for any of You who will find this and share their experience.
    Ps- the weird capitalizations are coming from the iPad. And yes, this was a mouse trap, and extra sticky compared to those for insects.
  • Not too bad...just lost the tip.

    • I'm ready for that second cup of coffee....just felt her tail where I pulled it free...and it's loaded with the goo. Going to experiment with the trap material before trying them on Dinah.
  • I have no experience with this, but we have used Goo Gone to break down anything with adhesive. We have never used it on a living creature, however.  

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