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Hi everyone, I know this topic has been discussed before. I'm aware it could be ear infection. Cooper doesn't show any signs of ear irritation, no scratching of the ear or shaking his head. We tried using Zymox ear cleanser but so far the stench is still there. Should I take him to the vet or just wait it out or try another product? Since it doesn't seem to bother him, does that necessarily rule out ear infection? TIA!

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Thanks Debbie! I sure hope he gets better soon so we don't have to smell his stinky ears again. Lol. Oh and I hope he'll stay still for us to drop the meds in his ear!

It is also imperative  that you get the medication down far into the ear canal.

Glad you took him in too and hope he feels better soon! Jaxson had an ear infection several months ago and he didn't exhibit signs until the middle of the night. He started going crazy rubbing his ear on the floor. We ended up taking him to the vet in the middle of the night since our vet is also an emergency vet. So glad you didn't wait and have that happen!
Thanks Janet! Wow, that's awesome you have an "emergency vet"! :D

Yes, we found a great new vet in Hawaii.  But taking Jaxson to the vet in the middle of the night was like taking a kid to the ED when they get sick at night!

I would definitely take him to the vet.  Stinky ears can be the first symptom. You really don't want to mess with ear infections.  Untreated and constant can lead to deafness.

Thanks Nancy, glad I did!
A long time ago a dker gave me a little tip that I uses to this day. In addition to regular cleaning with the solution, every time nosy Gavin comes to check on me while I am blow drying my hair, I flip up his ears and on low, and holding the dryer well away from the ear, spend twenty seconds or so drying each ear. He is used to it and doesn't mind. We have not had an infection in years now (touch wood).
Lol too funny. I'lol have to try that! :)
I sniff ears at least weekly. At the first sign that they smell more than normal I clean them using Malacetic Otic. I used to clean ears much more frequently but we are down to cleaning, whether they smell or not, once a month. I have never had my dogs ear canals plucked but they are not really hairy inside their ears. I do keep the hair on their "cheeks", under their ear flaps short. It works.
Thanks for the tips F. I'm going to do that, trim under the ears short! Now I know to take the sniff test more seriously!



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