Stomach Issues

So we got our goldendoodle 2 weeks ago (8 old) and he did good the first day then he had bad diarrhea so we brought him to the get and they gave him an immune booster shot and 6 days of sulphur medication.  He did good for a week then I brought him to the vet again for a check up and he wasn't running fever anymore and they said he was nice and healthy. Well I bought a flea pill for him and we gave him that and heart guard medication at the same time. This was on Friday. He still  was doing well until Sunday then he got it again. Has anyone else had this problem with their dog?

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  •  It's very common for doodle puppies to come home with giardia. Giardia is an amoebic parasite which requires treatment with Panacur. I have never heard of treating diarrhea in a puppy with an "immune booster"...exactly what is that? Name of drug or product? I've also never heard of treating it with sulphur. Did the vet run a fecal test? That should have been the first step. 

    • Our local vet was booked up when he got it the first time. I had to find another vet fairly local that could take him that day. But today I brought a sample to our local vet and they sent it off to be tested. They gave me Proviable digestive health supplement while they wait to get the results back. It seems to be working for now but he gets the diarrhea at about 3 or 4 in the morning. 

      • A vet should be able to run a simple fecal in house and give you the results immediately. It should not need to be sent out. 
        Proviable is a good probiotic, but it can't get rid of a parasitic infection. 
        Are you feeding on a schedule? What time is his last meal of the day? 

        • Yes we are feeding on schedule and his last meal is usually about 6 at night. His breeder had him on Purina food but it seems to be giving him diarrhea. I saw another post and you commented on it and linked the best foods. Chicken Soup for the dog lovers soul was one of them. We gave that to our boxer from day one and never had an issue with it. I appreciate you posting that link. I am going buy him a bag of it tomorrow. 

        • My vet sends fecals out too ... I think they run both tests to double check.  

          • Why not run a fecal float in house so that you can get a dog started on meds if it's positive, and then send out the ELISA test if needed? ELISA can get false positives, where the fecal float is pretty reliable. The only problem is that there may not be visible cysts present in every sample. 
            That way, you could have finished a Panacur treatment before the results of the ELISA test even come back. Anyone who has ever dealt with giardia knows that you want to start getting rid of it ASAP, lol. 

            •  You would think! Especially given how freely they give the metro rx. Although my vet clinic wasn't as worried as I was when we had the (false) giardia scare. 

        • I just don't understand why he is good all day but at night it is totally different.

          • I don't understand that either. Does he get more treats or chews at night? 
            Is he taken out for potty close to bedtime? 

  • Ok so test came back negative. We had this issue before with my daughters German Shepherd puppy and they gave him Metronidazole and Pectalin tablets. So I requested that for him because it cleared her dog up by that night. I am going to use this and hopefully it works the same.

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