Straight Haired F1b mini?

Hi All!

Meet Ivy, our 8 week F1b mini goldendoodle!  She is the only one in the litter that had more of a straight coat... but we love that about her. Curious what you think her coat might look like as an adult? Hard to find photos online!

Pics attached :)




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  • She’ll still really young, but I don’t see any evidence for facial furnishings. Her coat seems smooth and short. I think she might look more like a smaller retriever as an adult. Love her name and sweet face. 


    • I agree,  I think she might look like Luna did. :)


  • Hi,
    Ivy is adorable! Congrats!

    I have an f1b who looks like a mini retriever. The rest of her litter was also “doodly” I couldn’t be more pleased, plus no grooming I love the open face look.  
    Attaching a pic of our girl,  Nala.

    Best of luck!

    • Hi Christine!!

      Do you have any more photos? All I can see is your prof pic :) She is a cutie!! Would be very happy if she turns out looking similar :)
      • Hi! 
        Thanks so much for the compliment.  Nala will be 4 this August and she is an amazing dog. We love her so much.

        Can you see the link for the photo I have under my original post to you where it says attachments?  You can click on that.  I will attach some more photos of her here.

        If you click on my profile picture I think you can access the photos on my page, if not send me a friend invite and then you can see...but I think I have my photos public.  I have some pics there of Nala as a puppy as well.

        Talk soon,




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