Toby has started whining in his crate at night (either right at bedtime or in the middle of the night), keeping us up for a long time... it's like having a baby again!  We're trying to avoid letting him out of his crate so he doesn't get the idea that whining in the middle of the night will be rewarding somehow.  He pees at 8, DH takes him out for "last pee" around 11 so there's no way he needs to go out at 12... Last night he was whining at around 9:30 right when I tried to go to sleep.

Things that may or may not be related:

- We've started swimming in the pool daily, maybe he is overtired?

- We've been keeping the windows open at night to cool the house, maybe outside noises are freaking him out?  There are a lot of spring peepers (frogs) singing these days.

I'm wondering if it's due to the puppy "fear period" that happens in older puppies, he seems a bit young for it though (only 6 months).  He is showing some signs though like freaking out if a dog barks nearby or spooking at sudden movements while on walks more than usual.

Any ideas?


Here are the intrepid swimmers enjoying the pool!  Toby is not 100% convinced, he mostly just chases Riley around and steals her floating toy.  Swimming is probably Riley's favorite activity ever so she is quite pleased we've been in the water a lot.







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  • I'm very jealous of that pool!:)
    Some questions:
    Do both dogs sleep in your room? 
    Is Riley crated at night too?
    Is Toby fully housebroken? 

    • The pool has been a great investment so far!

      Both dogs sleep in our room, Riley is not crated at night but she stays close (usually sleeps at the foot of the bed on the floor).  

      Toby is fully housebroken at this point.

      • So, what about leaving him loose in the bedroom and seeing what happens? 

        • We tried that out of desperation a few nights ago but that was in the middle of the night and he was too excited and just tried to eat any random things he could find.  

          It's worth a discussion for sure, I think it might be hard to get Toby to settle down.  When he plays in our bedroom we close all the doors to the closets, bathroom etc. and put away things like the water bottle I keep on my nightstand.  He has a tendency to steal anything within reach (toilet paper, diapers from the pack we keep in the bathroom, my watch, knocks over water bottles)... he is very much still a troublemaker.  

          We bring out all that stuff and open the doors for good airflow after he's gone in his crate for the night.  The other problem is that I like to keep our bedroom door open so that I can hear when our son is up for the day so I get to him before he wakes his sister with his demands to leave his room.

          • Well, that's a tough one, for sure. It might be easier if you stayed up later at night, and he went to bed after his last potty at 11, but I would never suggest that you change your sleep habits.  

            I got nothing. Hopefully someone else can make some suggestions. 

            • Even if I tried I don't think I could stay up much later haha.  The little boys wake me up around 5:30-6 every morning (either my son wakes and then Toby wants up too, or Toby wakes up wanting breakfast).  By 9:30 I am done and falling asleep sitting up :p 

        • I thought Milo might be ready to be loose in our room because on two trips with him alone and one night with my husband gone, I let Milo be loose and he did great.  Didn't bother anything, didn't make noise, didn't try to wake me.  The one time we tried with both of us home, Milo went to lick my husband's arm a couple times through the night and then early morning.  So nope. 

          Toby might just need to get over this hump and you might need earplugs.  I would think if he had a potty emergency, you would have woken up to an accident.  But it sounds like just a new stage where he has decided, for now, the crate is bad.  

          • Yeah we figured it might be that he is just being rebellious... It was a bit better last night than the previous two nights so hopefully it is just a weird temporary annoyance.

            I wonder if puppies are like babies and new things like the pool visits can make them overtired and have trouble sleeping at night :p

  • Is it at all possibled that he has a mild infection (ears or bladder) from the pool?????  Our solution to the dog not settling for the entire night was to put him on the foot of the bed - has worked like a charm for 3 dogs now.  :-}

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