Summer Behavior

Hi Everyone,

This is my first summer with Whiskey and I was just wondering, if anybody has seen this behavior with their pups. Whiskey's a little active in the morning but as the day goes on, he prefers to snooze or just lie down. He is quite energetic on his walks in the evening when I take him out at around 6:30 pm. He is the most active after his walk and until his bedtime. Is it just his way of tolerating the heat? I have heard that quite a few dogs slow down in the summer?


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  • That sounds pretty normal to me.

  • I agree with Nancy...lots of dogs aren't fans of the heat. 

  • Our Vern begs to go on walks and last about 10 minutes in the heat. This all sounds normal to me!!

  • Thanks Nancy, Jane and Lauri! It helps knowing this is normal. Also, any advice on cooling them down? I give him frozen ice cubes and broth cubes usually. Another dog-mom friend of mine suggested coconut water and watermelon but whiskey has a sensitive stomach and was wondering, if its worth trying it out with him? 

    • If you have a dog with a sensitive tummy, I'd watch carefully if I gave him something different. We live in a hot area in Southern California and have tile floors that my guys like to lay on.  Charlie likes to play in his waterbowl (not fun :-} ).  If you use store bought broth , check it for salt and onions. These are not healthy for dogs.

      • Thanks! I just use the broth thats leftover after I have cooked his chicken. 

    • I would stick with plain ice cubes and steer clear of watermelon.  Many melon types can cause an upset tummy in dogs.  A small kiddie pool (sometimes with ice cubes in it!) makes for a great cooling down tool for dogs too.  

      Riley (our black and white bernedoodle) is NOT a fan of the heat and doesn't tolerate it well.  She overheats quickly and wants to head inside or take a swim (we have a pool, lucky dog and us!).  

      Our previous dog Luna (a goldendoodle) however would sunbathe at 100 degrees out and I had to force her to come in after 10 minutes!  

      Both dogs sleep/slept most of the day but were energetic for walks.  Riley is pretty lazy though and if we take too long of a walk she tries to tell me we should go home ;)

      • Thanks! I am going to stick to ice cubes and not worry about him lazing around during the day :)

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