Summer Heat

The heat has hit Seattle and we are getting close to the 80's in temperature. I have an air conditioner for our bedroom when it gets into the 90's which is not too often. Of course, I don't have body hair/fur like my doodle. :DWhen is it getting too warm for my doodle? Do I base this on how I feel? He enjoys sitting in the sun but, I don't want to exhaust him. There is water available for him - of course - and I throw ice cubes in there for him as well. I'll bring him to our bedroom to sleep if it gets too warm for him but, I don't want to bring him otherwise because he usually sleeps in a crate downstairs. I want to avoid starting a habit but, will always put his health as first priority.Is there anything else I can do to keep him comfortable? Is cutting his hair shorter better for him? I've read that the hair insulates them from heat and cold.Thanks,~Danielle

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  • See : discussion re: shaving hair versus leaving it long.
    • Thank you!
  • I live in Southern California where it gets over a hundred. Our air conditioner is a joke so it does get really hot. We just make sure lots of water is available - and a cold tile floor!
  • We set up a kiddie pool in the back yard for them to go and lie in. I love in Southern Ontario and it gets really humid here in the summer. i know the temperature is getting up there when he stops sleeping on his bed and moves to the kitchen floor!! We try not to use the A/C until it gets unbearable (we're cheap!!), but there is a ceiling fan in the kitchen which helps.
  • It gets a little warm in Arizona, too...(that's a little dry humor!) :) I just had Marlow trimmed today to about 1 inch all over except head and tail, and he really does look good. He sleeps on the tile floor at night where it is cooler and I even spoil him and have a fan running just for him. Just call me crazy Doodle Mom! I read about the hair insulating them from heat too, but he just looked so hot!
    • I wonder if a fan helps keep dogs cool since fans work for us by helping to evaporate sweat from skin.
      • I think it would because it blows air through their coat and pulls the heat off of their tongue when they pant! Just like it works with sweat with us, I think. I know Lizzie loves laying by the fan....
  • I bought a $20 table fan at target and put it right at the buddy's kennel. He wont lay down in his kennel now unless I turn on the fan. No matter what the temperature - the boy wants his fan on. I usually find him in there all four legs pointed up in the air - rain or shine, no matter the temp. Cool is the word for that boy - even though I clip him pretty short for summer.

    Try it out, you might love it.
    • LOL! Too cute. Max doesn't like wind on his face. He rather sit in the sun but, it hasn't become very hot here yet. It's in the mid 70's with a breeze. I'll keep it in mind when the weather turns hot and humid. Thanks!
    • Wow. I did this with both my boys ( Human Boy Babies ) now 20 and 21. They still love to sleep with a fan on no matter what. To them the noise is relaxing and soothing. Fans work for dogs too! Interesting.
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