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The heat has hit Seattle and we are getting close to the 80's in temperature. I have an air conditioner for our bedroom when it gets into the 90's which is not too often. Of course, I don't have body hair/fur like my doodle. :D

When is it getting too warm for my doodle? Do I base this on how I feel? He enjoys sitting in the sun but, I don't want to exhaust him. There is water available for him - of course - and I throw ice cubes in there for him as well. I'll bring him to our bedroom to sleep if it gets too warm for him but, I don't want to bring him otherwise because he usually sleeps in a crate downstairs. I want to avoid starting a habit but, will always put his health as first priority.

Is there anything else I can do to keep him comfortable? Is cutting his hair shorter better for him? I've read that the hair insulates them from heat and cold.


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See : discussion re: shaving hair versus leaving it long.
Thank you!
I live in Southern California where it gets over a hundred. Our air conditioner is a joke so it does get really hot. We just make sure lots of water is available - and a cold tile floor!
We set up a kiddie pool in the back yard for them to go and lie in. I love in Southern Ontario and it gets really humid here in the summer. i know the temperature is getting up there when he stops sleeping on his bed and moves to the kitchen floor!! We try not to use the A/C until it gets unbearable (we're cheap!!), but there is a ceiling fan in the kitchen which helps.
It gets a little warm in Arizona, too...(that's a little dry humor!) :) I just had Marlow trimmed today to about 1 inch all over except head and tail, and he really does look good. He sleeps on the tile floor at night where it is cooler and I even spoil him and have a fan running just for him. Just call me crazy Doodle Mom! I read about the hair insulating them from heat too, but he just looked so hot!
I wonder if a fan helps keep dogs cool since fans work for us by helping to evaporate sweat from skin.
I think it would because it blows air through their coat and pulls the heat off of their tongue when they pant! Just like it works with sweat with us, I think. I know Lizzie loves laying by the fan....
I bought a $20 table fan at target and put it right at the buddy's kennel. He wont lay down in his kennel now unless I turn on the fan. No matter what the temperature - the boy wants his fan on. I usually find him in there all four legs pointed up in the air - rain or shine, no matter the temp. Cool is the word for that boy - even though I clip him pretty short for summer.

Try it out, you might love it.
LOL! Too cute. Max doesn't like wind on his face. He rather sit in the sun but, it hasn't become very hot here yet. It's in the mid 70's with a breeze. I'll keep it in mind when the weather turns hot and humid. Thanks!
Wow. I did this with both my boys ( Human Boy Babies ) now 20 and 21. They still love to sleep with a fan on no matter what. To them the noise is relaxing and soothing. Fans work for dogs too! Interesting.
Good point. It's a white noise that comforts them.
We live in Southern Ca. Two weeks ago I had Cody clipped. He is a dirt and mud magnet (loves to dig at the Dog Park).
Also we hope to take him to the beach so I think it will be much more managable with his hair short. He seemed so uncomfortable with long hair in the heat. He has always preferred the tile floor as opposed to carpet or his bed.



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