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The heat has hit Seattle and we are getting close to the 80's in temperature. I have an air conditioner for our bedroom when it gets into the 90's which is not too often. Of course, I don't have body hair/fur like my doodle. :D

When is it getting too warm for my doodle? Do I base this on how I feel? He enjoys sitting in the sun but, I don't want to exhaust him. There is water available for him - of course - and I throw ice cubes in there for him as well. I'll bring him to our bedroom to sleep if it gets too warm for him but, I don't want to bring him otherwise because he usually sleeps in a crate downstairs. I want to avoid starting a habit but, will always put his health as first priority.

Is there anything else I can do to keep him comfortable? Is cutting his hair shorter better for him? I've read that the hair insulates them from heat and cold.


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Another idea--let them sleep in the bathtub. It is nice and cool there.
I know Danielle its been wonderful here!!! We do not a warm weather in spring much, I love it!! I have a fan on the floor and Jordan sleeps in front of it. We have a basement and that is where our "TV room" is, so we spend most of the hot days down there. One thing about the heat is I would normally take Jordan out with me and the last week she has been stuck at home.Poor Girl.
I trim Jordan's hair down only about 3in off. It makes a huge difference with out her looking naked. If we get a really hot day I will wet Jordan down with the hose to.She loves the water.
A basement? I'm jealous! Great ideas - thank you.



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