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Ready for another fun doodle project?
I can tell from our past contests that we (members) are rich with creativity here on doodle kisses--so many of you have talents to share!

All you budding artists and poets will now have another way to participate and share your gift...

Drumroll please... I would like to announce that we will now be accepting submissions for our Doodle poetry and art Anthology. We will be putting together a book of original poetry and original artwork over the next few months.

If you enjoy drawing or painting or other creative fine art, start thinking of ideas!

If you're more of written word kind of artist, start composing your poetic masterpieces today!

Any submitted works must be original to you and not previously published anywhere else. All submissions must be doodle related. Send me a private message when your submission is ready!

The next Thursday front page Photo Slide Show theme is "Doodle Kisses"
To learn how to get your doodle's photo included check the link below:

Whether you're brand new to doodlekisses, or a hopeless doodle addict who's been here from the start. I want to remind you that when you have questions about how to do things on doodlekisses... You have two excellent options for learning more... Information is provided at the link below:

Check out our Doodle Kisses 2009 Calendars: -- a Google search for "cafe press coupons" may help you find some EXTRA ways to save money on our doodle kisses products!

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I'm not a very creative person, but I KNOW many others I look forward to seeing all the creations!!
We are going to try our hardest to come up with a poem ha ha ha
Sorry I realized too late that today, Sunday, is the 4th NOT the 5th...but changing the title changes the URL so I must leave it that way for a few days so links aren't broken! Ooops!
Jillian and Zoey are both enjoying the snow on a very cold day.
Hi Sandra, which item are you responding to with your photo?
This sounds like a unique project. I am currently working on a book of letters that my dog Eve use to write to people with terminal cancer. Eve has since past and my labradoodle Dundee has not taken up writing. But he thought his talent my lie with your project. Debbie
Well, if I could get Hudson to hold a pen, he would be far more successful at this artistic project than I!! Good luck to all who take this on - I will look forward to seeing the results.

I'll start working on kissing Hudson and vice versa for some photo opps :-)



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