Connor was playing, slid in a bad position and injured his ankle (hock) and hip. We have been seeing the vet every week and I'm planning on trying some accupuncture until he's back to normal. His food has glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate as well as omega-6 and omega-3 in it. I was talking to his vet about using a product like Synovi-3 to help heal, protect and maintain his hip and other joints. Then I read about Joint Max. Does anyone have any experience with either of these products -- either positive or negative? Input would be greatly appreciated. Connor and I thank you. :-)

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  • I used Synovi-Cre (from the same line as Synovi-G3) when my poodle got older (past 8 years) & needed knee replacement surgery; it was recommended by the surgeon. The glucosamine & chondroitin added to commercial kibble is not a therapeutic dose(doesn't hurt, but may not help if there is an actual joint or connective tissue problem). I would ask the vet for a recommendation.
  • Deborah,
    I am so sorry to hear that Connor is still not feeeling better! We swore by Rimadyl when Sandy was struggling with arthritis, I don't know that that would fix anything per say, but would probably make him feel so much better - in my mind it is a wonder drug!!!. She went from almost completely lame to walking in less than a day! Has the vet mentioned that?
    • Here's a link with information about Rimadyl; my senior dog was on it, too, for the last part of her life, but it does have some major side effects. I don't think it is recommended for long term use, or use in very young dogs.
      • This is actually what they sent Noel home on after her spay. Granted she wasn't on it for more than a couple of days, but it was a great pain reliever and seeing poor Conner in pain is heartbreaking - might be worth asking the vet about???
        • I have to try to relieve their pain by whatever means possible. The vet is definitely the one to ask about prescription drugs.
  • Thanks for the link. My newfie was on Rimadyl every 12 hours for an extended period the last year of his life. My vet has suggested accupuncture & we were talking about supplements for additional healing and maintenance. She told me they sell Synovi @ her vet hospital, but there are other effective supplements that cost less. :-) When I started researching, Joint Max came up several times.

    Con's hip and leg have been checked several times, but never exhibited any problems until he klutzed out, fell and slid in an odd position. He plays and he bounces and I am hesitant to give him meds that might mask the discomfort ... concerned he might do something that could cause more damage. :-/

    Thanks so much for your reply and concern for my sweet (klutzy) little guy.
    Deb & Connor
    • Deb- if you do decide to go with the Synovi- products, don't get them from the vet. I bought them from Foster & Smith- much cheaper- and there are probably other pet supply sources as well. It's not an Rx, so no need to go through the vet.
  • Again, thanks.:-) I talked to my vet's office this afternoon and will call my vet tomorrow. Last Thursday she was encouraged because Connor showed no discomfort when she manipulated his leg. (The previous week he'd cried.) He is still not walking normally, though. We talked about Rimadyl and triple buffered aspirin last visit as well as acupuncture. The Synovi was discussed as a supplement to help speed healing and maintain joint helath.

    If you just saw him running whap-a-duh whap-a-duh whap-a-duh through the living room after our collie you would not believe he has an injured leg!! I'm still talking to the vet tomorrow.

    One of the many things I like about the forums is having the opportunity to share experience, ask questions and talk about problems as well as solutions.
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