Hours ago I researched Tail Injury Discussions and posted our situation on that discussion page. I don't post often and couldn't figure out how to repost it here, (using 140 characters or less) but we need advice. We are dealing with an injury our Miah sustained when a groomer using a Dremmel to grind her nails accidentally cut the tip of her tail. That was a week ago and several stitches. The wound is not healing as hoped. Our vet now suggests that if it doesn't heal she will need to amputate. If there is anyway to avoid more surgery, we would prefer it. Please see my post under the discussion Tail Injuries and share your thoughts. Many thanks!

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  • And thanks to all who have already responded. Your support is very much appreciated.
  • I have no advice, but sending healing thoughts to poor Miah!  I would be beyond furious! 

  • I just wanted to tie these two post on the same topic together.

    Also if my memory serves me correctly one of F doodles had a tail injury that resulted in a partial amputation.  I am sure she will chime in.

    • Yes, she really tried hard to treat the injury/infection, but it just wasn't getting any better and part of Luca's tail had to be amputated. It was also an accident that happened at the groomer, somehow his tail was broken. 

  • I am so sorry this happened to Miah.  I too would be very angry.

    I wish I had some words of wisdom about her tail injury.

    Did your vet say how much more time you could give her tail to heal?

    If it comes down to surgery- the groomer should have to pay for it...Does one have to sign something at a groomers?  I have never taken a dog to one.

    Thinking of you both & hoping her tail heals on its own & surprises everyone

    • Our vet hasn't given us a deadline but I think she will decide in the next week or so. The accident happened the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so it's been a week. Miah was sutured and bandaged until yesterday when her bandage was removed. The stitches will dissolve and she has licked the glue off her tail. Maybe it's wishful thinking but it looks a bit better today. We will see the vet again tomorrow. Miah hates those visits but I'm glad the vet is staying on top of this. We are not paying for any of this and I'd be furious if they expected it. We only took our girl in for vaccines and a nail clip. Never would I have imagined that something like this could happen with an experienced groomer. We have a wonderful groomer who was booked solid so we were not able to get Miah in. Our vet expanded her office and added a grooming area so since we were already there...We bath her ourselves and only get her groomed once a month (sani- cut, nail and pads trimmed, ears cleaned and hair removed, and muzzle trimmed) She's a fluff ball when we pick her up. Thank you for your kind words.
  • This DK'er was dealing with a broken tail and found a solution that worked for her doodle.In case you haven't seen it yet:

    Good luck!

    • Wow! Ricki, I missed this post.  How interesting and helpful.  It certainly is something to try on an injury before resorting to surgery.

  • Yes, Luca has an injury to his tail probably from being caught in a door at the groomer's. But not all tail injuries are alike. I tried to get Luca's to heal for a month but finally the vet suggested an x-ray, which I wish we had done sooner. He had three fractures of his tiny tail bones, two of which were displaced and could never have healed without major orthopedic intervention involving hardware etc. He was under anesthesia for his x-ray and the vet said he'd be most comfortable with the amputation so that' sweat we did. A simple injury might be healed without amputation so it depends. Bonnie's Kona ended up with an amputation after he had a wound from the excision of a cyst that wouldn't heal. But some injuries may heal without amputation. If you trust your vet I'd listen to the vet. Good luck.
  • Good news! Our visit to the vet today confirmed that Miah's tail looks better! She still acts like it's either painful or very sensitive. So we will wait another week to see how it heals. Meanwhile, following the suggestion forwarded yesterday by Ricki and Tara (doodle), hubby has fashioned a foam tube over the end of her tail and secured it with tape. It took several tries, and Miah does not quite know what to make of it, but it's just a light foam tube with a slit and several holes that will hopefully protect her tail while it heals. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and support. I'm sure it made all the difference in today's outcome.
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