• Yes, there were at least 155 applications for Tess and I think more came in since I got that count. Doodle and other desirable breeds/mixes are in very high demand since so many people are at home these past few months.
    Tess's new home has not yet been chosen; they are reviewing applications (there is a spreadsheet, lol!) but I don't think the interview process has started yet. Out of the 155+ applications, I don;t believe they have a favorite yet.

    It was surprising how many of the applications did not meet DRC's basic requirements for any dog. Lots of would-be first time owners. Many of those that did meet our basic requirements had preteens and teens in the house, and Tess requires an adult only (over 18) home. They also want a fenced yard and would prefer another dog already in the home. 
    Do you know someone who is interested in adopting her?


    • Karen...Can I  private message you to discuss? 


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