The cicadas are coming.

Asta says welcome to Spring 2016.

If you live in the Northeast, then you have probably heard that the multiple broods of the 17-year cicadas are about to hatch.  While cicadas are not poisonous to dogs, you may want to monitor your furbaby while outside to make sure they don't overindulge.   The outer skeleton of the cicada contains a tough material called chitin that can cause problems when eaten in large quantities. Chitin is also found in lobster shells. If your dog eats cicadas, it's like humans eating a lobster shell. If enough are consumed, your furbaby may experience vomiting or constipation and require a visit to the veterinarian.


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  • Maybe they're waiting 'till Passover begins on Friday night. They'd be the 11th plague! Seriously, thanks for the warning.

  • I'm hoping the doodles don't find cicadas appetizing.

  • Glad I'm too far East and South and should miss them.  : )


    I live in the NorthEast and I flipping =HATE= Cicadas!!!

    Run! People! Run!!  LOL

    Terri & Harley (Asta is a cutie)

    • Thanks.  Asta tune 1 year on Jan 1.

  • Thanks for posting this.

  • Yuck!  I am so glad to live in the Pacific NW.

  • Thanks for posting this.  I'm SO hoping that I'm far enough southwest in Ohio to miss them. Yuck.

  • Thanks for the warning. I noticed they started here a few nights ago.  

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