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A couple years ago we celebrated the start of something I had been thinking about and was super excited about: The Doodle Kisses podcast.  We had a great first episode, lots of downloads, recorded several more...but those extra ones never made it to the public.  It's something I'm still embarrassed about.  


The reality is that the time to DIY a podcast was greater than we had anticipated.  Life got busy and the podcast went to the backburner, dropped and ignored.


I am DYING to bring it back.  I have so many ideas for topics, guests, etc.


So we are going to try again, but this time we know we need to outsource the production.  I have time to interview, but it's never going to turn into a podcast others can listen to without paying for it to be done professionally.  


I have started a Go Fund Me to make this happen.   The $$ estimate is to cover approximately 6-12 episodes over 3 months plus any additional equipment costs and hosting fees.  This is an may change as we go.  But I'd like to record and have at least 6 episodes ready to go before re-launching. 


You can listen to the original podcast we launched 2 years ago (almost to the day--what is it about August!?) here:


If you would like to see the re-launch of the Doodle Kisses Podcast, consider supporting us with a one time gift.  Here is our Go Fund Me page if you'd like to contribute: Podcast Go Fund Me

And...if it goes well, we can keep going indefinitely from advertiser support alone.  

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  • I'm still subscribed to the doodlekisses podcast, and I would love to see more of them! I hope it works out.

    • Thank you!  It's the most boring subscription in the world right now, sadly.  I actually interviewed a couple DK members, someone who runs a dog camp, and a retired doodle breeder.  But I messed up some of the sound for some of them and the others just joined them in limbo.

      • That first episode was great. I have no idea what all is involved in creating a podcast, but I listen to a ton of them. Sadly, I haven't found very many great dog podcasts. I think you could really fill a need.

        • I think so too (there's a need that's not filled), but my opinion means nothing if a big group of DK'ers aren't interested.  If there's not interest, there's not interest.  And we can't get it off the ground without spending money on it.

  • I like the idea!!!!

  • I'm not a podcast person.  I lasted less than a minute on the first one I think.


    • Oh man, less than 1 minute!?  It takes a few minutes to get into the interview.  Maybe fast forward until you hear Jacquie's voice ;-)  Then tell me what you think -- it's only about 30 minutes.

      In your podcast listening experience, how do you typically listen to them--do you open them up on a laptop and listen for that 45 seconds, or do you listen on your phone, or some other way?  Do you enjoy videos more?  Do you enjoy radio programs?  Do you listen to books on tape?  Just trying to get a feel for your interest in audio stuff.

      Most people who listen to podcasts use their smart phones and listen while walking, driving, or doing other things.  I could never sit there and just listen to a podcast, but it makes mundane tasks more enjoyable.  I have probably 30 podcasts that I cycle between on my phone--with a handful I listen to more regularly.

      • "Most people who listen to podcasts use their smart phones and listen while walking, driving, or doing other things.  I could never sit there and just listen to a podcast, but it makes mundane tasks more enjoyable."

        Eureka!!!! You have just discovered the exact reason I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in podcasts.
        Apparently I am the only person in the world who doesn't live their life on a phone. 
        And all the rest of you are making my life miserable, lol. 

        • In the case of podcasts, it's like a portable radio, you're not staring at it Karen :)

          • Although you could play it on your laptop while you fold laundry or scan DK.

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