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  I recived the trophy last week along with some goodies from Georgia. Thank you Nina for the tote bag, putting Lilly and my granddaughters pictures on it was a wonderful surprise. I Loved it!!! We also recived 2 balls and a toy bone for Lilly, a DRC bandanna and Lillys favorite gift was a bag of "Liver yum yum balls". I want to thank Adina for creating this site and for putting up with us..I have learned so much about Doodles and more so then not I leave DK with a smile on my face. I think everyday someones doodle is doing something goofy.;-)

Check out this link to view information on on the HDA Trophy and how it works.

I wonder who will be next to recive the HDA Trophy ????

Here I am with my girl!!

All the goodies!!

 Lilly with her toys.

 Lilly says "Their not taking these away from me"  Thank you Nina!!

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I was in AWE when I saw Lilly in her Haloween outfit. She looks so cute and I can't believe she cooperated with this endeavor. She must be SUPER laid back. Dogs usually freak out when something blankets their heads. This is just totally amazing. And congtats on the trophy. I think Lilly deserves the treats after being such a good sport!
Congratulations, Kathy, and welcome to the HDA Club! Love the photos, especially the last one!
Congratulations! I LOVE the look on Lily's face in the last photo!! It says it all!! :)
So happy for you & Lilly. I saw York PA & had a feeling it was you! congrats
Congratulations!!!!! And a wonderful picture of you & Lilly.
Congratulations, Kathy! I LOVE the picture of Lilly in the DRC bandanna! I can't wait to get mine.
Hi Kathy, congratulations to both of you!! The pictures are great, but I especially love the one of Lilly in her DRC Bandanna with her Yum Yum Balls!! Too cute, and that color is gorgeous on her!!
Congratulations, Kathy! Love your photos! :-)
Congratulations Kathy and Lilly! Love the photos :)
Congratulations. Great pictures of you and Lilly. Happy to have you join us!
Great pictures. Lilly is so beautifully groomed. What a gorgeous doodle. Congratulations on your award!



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