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I've finally had time to sit down and enjoy the slide show of Naughty Doodles. I laughed myself silly at some of the pics scrolling through, so much so, my husband had to walk into my office and ask "What's so funny?" Just watching these doodles at various ages and doing different "naughty" things brought back memories of Deuce as a puppy and of Luke growing up over the last 6 months. I don't know which ones I could call my favorites but here are some that stick out in my mind, white doodles turning black because of mud on body or face because of digging, the puppy sitting next to the sign reading "NO DOGS", the dog sitting facing the camera with what I would describe as a "sh&t eating smirky grin knowing he/she is up to something or has been up to something", the doodle that has sticks stuck in his/her hair making it look like "Devil Dog", and the numerous puppies and older dogs looking at the carmera with the expression of "What? You are disturbing my fun!" I would love to know who claims this miscreant Doodles!! Anyone else have a particular favorite?

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too many to choose from! they are so darn cute - especially when it is someone else's naughty doodle!!!
I love the one where the doodle is sitting on top of the glass kitchen table! How is that even possible without that table tipping over? My other favorite is the doodle on the chair reaching around the guy to drink his beer.
I agree - that was a great slide show. Doodles are so cute that it's hard to stay mad at them, even when they're naughty.
I liked the attack of the feather duster dog!!!!
If you click on the photo as it shows up in the slide show, it should open up a new window or tab with the photo and you can see who it is/belongs to =)
We definitely have to repeat this theme for new naughty doodles to participate =)
This is my favorite slide show EVER! Makes me laugh out loud each and every time I watch it!!!
I opened the main site and my Dexter (w/a chewed remote in his mouth) popped up and I burst out laughing :) This is definitely a good slide show!



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