The Poodle in the Doodle

Hey Everyone!

Monday's episode of The Doodle Kisses Podcast is all about the one thing ALL DOODLES have in common: a poodle ancestor!  If you love doodles, but don't know poodles, you're missing out.  Join me as I chat with a poodle expert and feel free to discuss the episode here once you've listened.  The link will be -- but it won't be "live" until Monday, Dec 23rd so if you go there now you won't find much. 



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  • I am really excited to listen to this one!!!! 

    • Me too!  I love poodles, never actually talked to a poodle breeder or expert though.

  • Looking forward to it. I just listened to the Derby/Kentucky episode and wanted to say it was very entertaining! Now there is a guy who is living his authentic life and what a ride he is giving his doodle. Love it!

    • Right!?  I can't surf, though I tried a little, but it sounds super fun to surf with your dog.

  • Loved it!!!!!
    I so hope many DK members will listen to this one, and keep an open mind. Because that's the only way to learn, lol. And there is a wealth of information here that applies directly to the doodles you love! 

    • I'm so very grateful she was willing to be a guest.  And I hope we get a lot of DK listeners too.  It seems to be going well, more listeners than the last few episodes had this far in ... so far.  

    • I loved it too!

      I had no idea poodles were "guard" dogs, I just knew about their retrieving.  Maybe Riley gets her house guarding behavior from the poodle side and not the Bernese side :p (or maybe it's both which is why she's so adamant about it lol)

      • I'm just learning about Standard Poodles having guarding tendencies myself. My experience is mostly with Minis, and they definitely are not guard dogs, lol. Jasper tries to kiss everyone who comes into the house.

        • It's funny because Riley is definitely guarding a "perimeter" as she described it.  If we aren't on our property she very much wants to meet every person she comes across and to greet them the way I imagine Wheaten terriers greet (she is obsessed with sniffing faces for some reason.  It's a problem we are working on lol).

          If we are home she responds to EVERY and I mean EVERY person who comes even remotely near our house.  I keep trying to remind her that we have NEIGHBORS living across the street and they will be there her whole life, she doesn't need to alert every time they get into or out of their cars or are clearing snow from their driveway.  She disagrees and thinks they are FAR too close to the house.  She also barks at EVERY noise that comes from outside... there is a house being built close enough to hear hammer strikes and sometimes she decides that they need to be barked at too.

          If people come into the house she automatically gets very defensive and barky, so we are having people ignore her when they come in until she calms down... some visitors listen better than others.  It does seem to be slowly teaching her to calm down faster though.

          • Moxie was like that. He loved my husband and barked his head off every time he walked in the house.  I figured it was because he was in a new environment, but it might be the way he was.  He barked way more than my dogs ever did.

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