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Someone just shared this with me on FB and thought it was worth sharing here.  Especially good for those who are just welcoming puppies into their families -- and a good reminder for the rest of us.

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Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for posting this, Cheryl. 

Thank you for the post, when I got Max I did some research on what dog's shouldn't eat and was really surprised to see raisins and grapes. 

I didn't know about the raisins or grapes either when I got Finn.  I knew chocolate was bad but didn't know it was toxic.  

Thank you Cheryl. I'm just starting to read up on food, treats, and chew toys. It's a bit overwhelming. Canned food, kibble, organic fruits and veggies, lean protein that I cook, this brand.vs. that brand. I'm afraid to give the wrong thing lol. So I will add mushrooms and grapes and raisins to the list NOT to feed. Cooked bones? What about the big bones, femur bones? My dog growing up loved them and they lasted forever.

Femur bones, commonly called "marrow bones" are fine. They are "recreational" bones in that they are more toys than food; they cannot be consumed by even the strongest chewers. You are right that they last forever; some of us even run them through the dishwasher from time to time. 

The white mushrooms that you buy in the grocery store and eat yourself are also fine for dogs, in moderation of course. 

I used to put peanut butter or yogurt in the middle of a femur bone and freeze it. Then I'd give it to him outside or in the kitchen.  By the time it completely thawed, he had it pretty well cleaned out.  I think the cold also felt good on his gums when he was teething.  

Okay, so do you tend to feed your doodles canned food? Kibble? Fruits/veggies and cooked lean protein? I remember reading in the news all the problems with products out of China and dogs dying a few years back so I'm Leary. Just like with my son I don't want the puppy getting sick or worse from consuming something that has been contaminated.

If you feed your doodles a variety of food on a regular basis, do you find they have stronger G.I. systems as a whole?

All this and lots lots more in the Food Group. Years worth of research, miles of discussions. Come join us.

While we're on the subject of dangerous foods, a reminder that we have the Danger Group where there is information about all things dangerous or toxic to dogs, including plants, foods, etc., arranged in a handy alphabetical list of links that you can scan.

Thanks for the good reminder.

Thanks.  We can never have too many reminders.



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