I took Max to daycare today and the manager approached me about a two year old schnoodle needing a home. My husband and I went to visit the little girl and we can tell she has been taken care of. She is slightly overweight and is not completely potty trained although she did have training when she was younger. She isn't highly socialized but fine with other dogs. She gobbles food and Max grazes. She started out rate trained but, no longer is. I pretty sure she would be the submissive one. We are considering a trial weekend.Do you think they would be a match? What are the pros and cons with multiple dogs?Sorry. My computer is being fixed and I'm using and itouch. I meant she started with crate training but no longer is. Her owner is older and had a heart attack so can't care for her properly.

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  • I think a trial weekend is the perfect idea.
  • It sounds as though, even though she is older, it will almost be like bringing in another puppy to your home. She needs house training, crate training, socialising etc. So, it could be a bit of hard work for you guys for the first few months. A trial weekend sounds like a good idea, although it will only give an indication of how things will go. Probably, there will be no problems, and they will get on great! You boy will probably like the company.

    We added a new LD puppy (male) to our existing (male) LD and it has taken about four months for them to get along with each other. After a harrowing couple of months, now it is great to see them run around and play together in the garden, and have fun together. But, it was hard work at the beginning!
  • You might want to try a trial week...we did this once and we found out that the dogs were not compatable, if you do just the weekend and than keep her, and find out things are not working out...will they agree to taking her back, or can you find a rehome for her....
  • Socialized with other dogs. She has only encountered them on walks. However, she wasn't afraid of them which is a plus. Yes, she was a little taken aback by us but not afraid.

    We are voting against a second dog at this point. We have a lot to do around our new home and she would require the attention of a puppy although I think she would pick up quickly. Our other issue is the expense of boarding two dogs while tea sling. I don't have family in Seattle to help.
    • Ugh itouch! I meant traveling. : )
      • When my daughter went to France last summer, the cable she bought to make her computer compatable with Europe wasn't correct and she was unable to find the correct one so she had to use the French computers - somehow their keyboards aren't the same and she sent us some pretty hilarious misspellings. Your are forgiven!
        • My husband is Swedish and I lived in Stockholm for a year. I did the same thing with some interesting Swedish vowels- LOL.
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