• Sadly, it's the people who patronize pet stores that contribute to the puppy mill problem. If nobody ever set foot in a store that sells puppies, they would go out of business. Problem solved. 

    • This is true. I think some people may be delusional and believe they are rescuing the puppy, not thinking that by buying the puppy in the first place, they are actually contributing to the problem. Then some people fully trust their local pet store that sells dogs, even if it is a chain with a bad reputation. If they have been there for 20 years, they must be reputable.

  • So sad--and why is he still in business?  I have not seen puppies in a pet store in years! Oh man--I hope they shut him down. He is keeping the puppy mills in business. 

    • So many areas do still have pet stores selling puppies. The laws seems to vary from one town to the next. 

  • And some stores say they have shelter dog rescues for sale in their store.  Sadly, this is often a lie.

    • However, the HSUS does have a program where stores that sell puppies are converted to satellite locations for shelter dogs. It's really a win-win for everyone. In areas where there people are trying to close down the puppy mill stores, one obstacle is that the store owners will lose their livelihood. This program allows them to continue to sell all of the other merchandise needed for pets, and in place of puppies from mills, adoptable dogs from local shelters are housed. People coming to adopt then purchase needed food & supplies from the store. Here's one article about this:

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