Hello this is Lucas my F1 goldendoodle I want to know what type of coat he will have, a lot of people in another group said he will have a flat coat, because not furnishing, I love him and he is so smart, he is 10 weeks old 7993737477?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • F1 standard 

    Here 8weeks old 

  • In fact, it looks like Lucas does have furnishings. He also doesn't have a flat coat. He's quite fluffy.
    It's very hard to know at this age what kind of coat he will eventually have. It will be interesting to watch him grow and change. 

    • Looks to me too like he has furnishings.  I agree it's hard to tell his coat type, I'm going to go with loose wavy/scruffy as a wild guess.

    • I will keep you updated, thank you 

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