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Those Who Have Healthy Paws Insurance, How Much Have Your Rates Gone Up Each Year?

I know we have had discussions here about the large annual increases people have experienced with PetPlan insurance. I'm wondering if those of you who have Healthy Paws insurance have experienced similar annual increases? 
I'm trying to decide between the two companies. :)

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Jennifer, PetPlan switched us to $15,000 annual coverage, 300 annual deductible, 80 % reimbursement. Prior to that I had $8000 coverage, 80% reimbursement, and a $200 per incident deductible. 

Here is the discussion I started and I update it every year with my new premium

Thank you.... that isn't a bad deductible to have ..for me though I needed a bit more than 80 percent coverage.... and just lucked out that I didn't reduce Jack's Cap. I was going to because the lower the CAP the lower the price is and I am tight on money.. Thankfully I discovered jack's issues because lowering it was on my list of things to do. .. procrastination sometimes pays off.

I have Pet Plan Gold for Both Jack and Molly -Jack is nine years old, we have $100 deductible per illness per policy year,  then that they pay 90 percent .. I chose an unlimited annual amount for them to pay. IN hind site I am glad I did. AT the time of the change I was too busy to decide so I took the best plan they offered and was going to sort it out later...  I am glad I did Jack is facing an exorbitant open heart surgery that I have already received prior authorization on.  I pay $128.00 a month for Jack.  All his medications, and any supplements that the vet prescribes including his probiotics from Costco are covered at 90 Percent. He is on over 200 a month in medications. I pay 20 dollars.   

Molly is going to be seven, she has the same plan... 100 Deductible, Not Yearly max of what they will pay and everything Else is covered at 90 percent.. Molly has gum disease, all of her dentals, including x rays and blood work and actual cleaning are completely covered at 90 percent for the rest of her life.   I have never to date had a problem with Pet plan denying any claim except for the one in Japan since they only pay for Vet Care in The US and Canada.     This insurance is saving Jack's life because I sure can't afford the cost of his care now.  it is so far above my head.     

One other thing to consider is at least with pet plan you can NEVER increase your coverage once you make a claim,  Any claim even a simple one..but you can lower it . They tried to switch Jack's insurance when the new underwriter took over to make it comparable price wise to what we were paying out of pocket. It was crap and had I not caught it,  his much needed heart surgery would not be covered.  ( if we get a surgeon to come to the US to do it)  I don' know a thing about Healthy Paws

It does seem they do charge more for pure breeds,  they also charge more seemingly if your dog is listed as a Golden doodle verse a mixed breed.

I tried to updat a comment but it just kept saving. 

I went back and looked at my claims, turns out I was wrong, all the claims i made were all in 2015...the one that i missed was also in 2015 but ididnt submit until 2017. It was paid because it happened in 2015.

So now I am wondering why my deductible isn't annual now like Laurie. Maybe because of Daisy but Dexter has never had a claim and has per condition.

Molly has only ever had dental claims.. she has Never had the claims like jack has and she is on per illness/incident as well. Not deductible Both dogs are in my name and I pay for them

Karen, did you ever make a decision on what insurance to go with?

Yes, I went with Pet Plan. 


And I hope the premiums are a complete waste of money, lol. 



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