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I was able to meet the new puppy who is coming home in five weeks. I’ve attached pictures - coat and furnishing predictions? Also, she had a wee runny nose - am I right to worry? (Clear discharge)

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She’s two weeks in the profile pic - will try to upload more :)

You can’t always tell too much that early, but her coat has waves. Do you have photos of the parents? What mix are they? What generation?  I’m not really up on puppies but I don’t think they should have runny noses? Frankly, I’d call a vet and ask if it’s common for 3 week old puppies to have a runny nose. 

This puppy definitely has furnishings (I looked at the photos on your page). Howver, that's a lot of nasal discharge for a young puppy (or any dog really), and that's concerning. It's not normal in a healthy 3 week old pup. 

Thanks for the link to the breeder page for how to choose a breeder.  I've been pretty obsessively checking out all the recommended details on choosing breeders since I first decided to get a doodle and settled on this one - because it is a long term commitment!!  I feel good about that generally, just wasn't sure about the nose :)

What does the breeder say?  She should have taken the whole litter to the vet. 

Thanks everyone - the breeder brushed me off saying it was normal but I’m concerned.  I will call my vet.

Breeder should not have brushed you off.

I do not see the pics here--Am I missing something? 

I raised pups for 7 years and when they want to sniff something, especially when young, their nose has a clear discharge---not much at all--but when I would take photos of them, I always had to wipe the noses clean first so no one thought they were sick! It is totally normal in my opinion.. Especially when clear. You will have a better idea of the coat when the pup is 5-6 weeks old. but once you see waves on the ears, that is a good sign of a wavy fleece coat. 

Thank you Ginny - this is reassuring.  It was certainly clear and not a large amount - enough that her fur was damp under her nose is all.

Wavy fleece would be a dream :)

Ginny, that is good to know. Too bad Sabrina's breeder didn't say that.

Just looked more closely at your picture---wavy fleece for sure. 

I followed my instincts and switched breeders - just didn’t seem right!!



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