3364221442?profile=originalGetting a Doodle was the best present I've ever given myself.  I can't believe how this mass of black fur and boundless energy has changed my everyday outlook and staked such a huge claim on my affections. Wife and I are an older couple, each with some health issues, who thought we were settling into an easy-peasy, calm and relaxed latter half after seeing son #2 off to college.  Along comes The Dude, and suddenly our world is turned on its end… a good way.

We certainly got off to a rocky start.  He came to us underweight, with Parvo, then developed Hookworm two weeks later.  In between these episodes our eight year old Chihuahua/Terrier/Maltese, already dealing with Cushing’s Disease, was diagnosed with Diabetes and showing signs of cataracts.  A troubling couple of weeks for certain, but now that I’ve paid off my vet’s school debt, I’m hoping for an extended period of normalcy.

The pup is a delight.  Taxing for two old geezers, but worth every minute of it.  Crate training was a breeze, potty training is proceeding nicely (most accidents occur after extended wresting sessions with our Lab, when he stops in mid-play and squirts), “sit” is in the books, and we’re making progress on nipping.

He’s so fun to watch as he introduces himself to the wonders of the world.  A gangly mess of legs going every which way, I suspect he’s going to be a monster when he grows into them, as mom weighed-in at 60 pounds and dad tipped the scales at 70.

My greatest concern at the moment is the fierce Florida heat.  Tropical storm Cindy left soul crushing humidity in its wake, and Dude is one mass of thick fur.  We limit his time in the backyard, keep the house fairly cool, and employ a collection of fans to keep the air circulating.  So far, so good.  He pants when he comes in from outside and after play activities, but it soon dissipates.  I just know I’d be miserable if I had to don a coat all day long.

Can’t wait to see what today brings…..


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  • Nothing like a pup to stir up (yes, in a good way) your life!  So fun to watch the innocence of it all.  I'm sure he'll get you down on the floor rolling around too!   The Dude is absolutely adorable!  He'll most likely grow out the the nipping.

    My Picco is 57lbs - his mom was 50 & dad 70, funny he came out in the middle but it's really unpredictable on the size outcome.

    I haven't followed your story but did you contact the breeder about the parvo & hookworm?

    • Emailed her, but no response.  Wasn't looking for any remuneration so we've moved on.

  • What a gorgeous pup!  My almost six month old puppy seems impervious to Virginia heat and humidity; she's already dragged me outside twice today just so she can attempt to chew pinecones and sticks and pull up grass!

  • Welcome to DoodleDom. Your pup is gorgeous.

  • There is nothing like a puppy to make you both feel your age and to get revitalized!  Congratulations and continue to enjoy your little 'monster.'

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