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Anyone have any experience with FrontLine Tritak ( new product) or Certifect? I started Finn back on his seasonal flea and tick regiment -- FrontLine Plus this month.  Even though we live along a wooded area and fields, we never had a serious tick problem until last year. This year is looking worse already.  On Wednesday, I took the first tick of the season off of him.  I brushed and combed him carefully looking for others but found -- nothing.  But since then I have found 7!!! Two were dead.  He's vaccinated against Lyme but not the other diseases ticks carry.  Looks like we may have to go to something stronger.

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We have had two ticks in the 8 years since we got Lucy and Sophie so we never worried about Tick meds.  Yesterday a tick turned up on each of them so off to the Vet we went for tick meds and then today Lucy got a fairly short (for Lucy) haircut to try and make them easier to find on her black fur.  Today another tick on AnnaBelle and one on Hubby ... ugh.  I'm not looking forward to this all summer long.  I also opted out of the Lyme shot as I had just done Titers on the girls for their last shots and it seem crazy to give another shot when I paid to not give the original ones.  I hope I don't regret that.

Our Vet doesn't even sell Frontline. Said they use it for Cats, but they have found it doesn't work on dogs.

I have both of the boys on Vectra 3D, There are tons of deer out where the boys spend a lot of their time so the vet had recommended that for them. Hope this helps someone.

I have also read where others have said that Frontline Plus is not as effective as it used to be. Mine are on it year round and are in a very heavily deer and elk populated area during the summer months. I am considering using FLP during our city months, and Nexgard during our summer months at the cabin. Maybe that is an alternative if anyone feels sketchy about FLP working. 

PS. I have never found a tick on either of my two in the one summer we have been at the cabin, and as some of you know about my taking my daughter's untreated doodles that summer and them both being covered in ticks!  So that was my proof that FLP is working. 

Edit to add:  I just called my Vet and she is still recommending FLP and has seen no problems with it's effectiveness. They do like the nexgard as well but feel it is a personal preference whether or not you like a topical over a pill form but effectiveness is identical.   It's more of a marketing issue than medical issue.  Makes sense. I will stick with FLP then and let you all know if I even see one tick on my guys this summer!!



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