Tigger was 13 on May 5.  Unfortunately he celebrated my July birthday with an acute case of pancreatitis. Thirty-six hours, several thousand dollars and many tests later he celebrated my birthday with his new diet of canned gastrointestanal food.  He is now quite well, but will be on the prescription food for the rest of his life due to his age.  Tigger is one of those dogs that never turns down anything he can swallow. He has spent his thirteen years of happily stealing sandwiches, fruit, raw meat, cooked meat once a whole chocolate bar (luckily milk chocolate) from suitcase, and numerous inedibles, most of which went through with a loaf of bread and no drama. This has caught up with him.  Tigger has returned to his happy go lucky self though and we hope for at least another year or two of company from this unstoppable dog.


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  • Oh no!  I'm sorry that sounds scary.  

    Riley was just diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis (she is just turning 3 years old), she has never had a severe acute attack but has had a few more minor incidences including this past Monday.  We are hoping to manage her condition with low fat non-prescription kibble.

    Best of luck to Tigger and that his new diet keeps him on the mend!

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