Ok so I feel really dumb for not noticing this sooner... but Riley has a tiny, silly floppy little dew claw on one of her hind legs.  It's seriously so small it looks like it should belong on a chihuahua.  I guess we never noticed it because it's buried in all her fluff and she's never been shaved down.  We really only noticed it because the nail on the tiny claw (which doesn't appear to be functional) is super long, I thought it was a piece of stick or something caught in her hair. 

Anyway other than keeping the nail trimmed anything to watch out for with these things?  I didn't even know dogs could get rear dewclaws.  After some research it seems to be common in large/giant breed dogs of Scandinavian origins (which makes sense since she's half Bernese).  

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    • I would trim the nail a little bit often so the quick recedes until you get it quite short. Then I would just keep it that way and hopefully it will cause no trouble.
    • I haven't had a super good look at it because she was being difficult but the quick looked to be pretty short.  It's just the white part of the nail that is long.  We'll see when I trim it tomorrow. 

  • Not just Scandinavian breeds...there are breeds that originated in France, Spain and Germany that have rear dew claws, including St. Bernards, so that makes even more sense, lol. 
    Does she still have her front dew claws? 

    • She does have them, they are functional ones with bones and a full sized nail though.

      • Well, if it's me, I'd be asking the vet. But I think it can wait until the next time she needs to go, lol. 

        • I mean it's been there for a year and a half and we didn't even know lol.  Will ask about it next time we go though for sure. It's probably one of those things you just leave alone and keep an eye on but might need to be removed at some point.

  • I think just like front dew claws, keep the nail trimmed and it should be fine. 

    Did you know that Great Pyrenees and Beauceron have double rear dew claws? There may be other breeds, but those are the two I know of. There is a Beauceron in my scent work class, and that double rear dew claw kind of freaks me out. It's the weirdest looking thing. I'm not going to look it up, but I think that not having a double rear dew claw is a disqualifying fault in conformation for the GP.

    • I knew Beaucerons had double rear dew claws, and I knew Great Pyrs had rear dew claws, but I didn;t know they were double. 
      So, I looked up the breed standard, and in fact NOT having double rear dew claws is a disqualifying fault in Great Pyrenees. 
      In fact, it's believed that a Great Pyr without them is not 100% purebred. 

      • It's so funny, all of those quirky little breed specifications. 

        Maggie competed against a Beauceron in her first Rally trial. I had never heard of them, I thought it was another All American. And now they're everywhere. It's like when you learn a new word suddenly it's in everything you read. 

        You know I'm a fan of leaving dogs with the parts they're born with, but that double rear dew claw really looks like a growth that should be removed.

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