I know we have talked about should we or shouldn't we before, but yesterday was our annual Vet visit for Lucy and AnnaBelle.  I know one of the many reasons I've heard that a lot of Vets don't do or suggest Titer testing is that they don't want to lose the business of getting regular vaccines.  Well, as I paid my bill yesterday I'm thinking to myself, wow, it would have been a whole lot cheaper to have just gotten the vaccines.

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  • Yes, the titers cost more than a shot. But with the new ones, you don't have to do them every year, either. I know with Jack's last one, the recommendation was to repeat the titer in two years, which I guess means he showed immunity for at least that long. 

  • If both girls come back good this year our vet is going with 3 years going forward as they will both have showed 3 years immunity at least.

    1. Your dogs are adults now, they had 2-3 combo puppy shots and had a booster shot at age 1. Right? More than enough. They are protected for life, unfortunately majority of our dogs will have a short life, many of them won't make it to 12... Don't waste your money on titers. Do your research, talk to your Vet (if you have a good one), don't trust FB or Karen Becker, or strangers on Internet. :):):) And yes, vaccines a lot cheaper on short run.
    • actuaĺly I started titers when AnnaBelle was 2 after all required puppy shots and 1 year shots etc.  She did have to go ahead and get one of her shots that year.  Cant remember which one.  We do a lot of travelling with our girls so need the paperwork proving they are protected which is why we do titers.  Our Vet prepares a document that is accepted as proof of vaccines.

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