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I have been holding out on neutering Milton because I find it to be extremely unnatural; however, since Milt just turned seven-months-old, we were give the daycare ultimatum, so it is neuter him now, or he cannot return.  Milton absolutely loves daycare (three days per week), but I feel like as his mom I am hurting him by allowing this surgery to happen.  Neutering Milton honestly reminds me of a human lobotomy, and I can't bear the thought.  Quite honestly, since I made the neuter appointment this morning, I have been very teary-eyed about the whole event.  If we lived out in the country, I would never think to do this, but as a city dog, it is very easy to be banned from many things, simply because you have not been snipped.  Have any of you ever dealt with similar feelings of guilt and regret?

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Oh boy, what a nightmare.  I would go to the vet to have it done, although it doesn't really bode well for your vet that he did not notice the testicle had not dropped to begin with.  Three strikes on SPCA.  Shame on them!  Three cheers for your breeder who is stepping up the help with the cost.  Maybe she can recommend the vet that she uses?  Good luck and hugs to little Milt.

I am glad the breeder is doing the right thing financially. Still, I did wonder why the breeder didn't mention it when she sold Milt, though. This is one thing the breeders are very aware of, as they are always looking for which pups if any to hold back as breeders, and undescended testicles are one of the things they look for with males. And since the testicles have usually dropped by the time the pups go home, she would have known that Milt still had one undescended. Seems like she would have mentioned that he might have to have surgery for it if it didn't drop by the time he was neutered.

It's the same breeder that sold me Willow with parvo and did not disclose that she had already had a puppy from the litter returned to her with multiple positive parvo tests (Milton and Willow are from the same litter). I really feel for you here Heidi - what a mess. Really glad to hear she is committing to foot the bill though.

Don't pinch pennies when the breeder is on the hook. She's been irresponsible and deceptive - I wouldnt hesitate to go w the vet you know and trust regardless of the cost.

Best of luck to Milton!

I can't believe you think this way! It's irresponsible NOT to neuter or spay your animals unless you are a responsible, ethical breeder. Period.

This all sounds like a horrible mess for you Heidi, what a thing to have to go through after you struggled with your feelings on this and then to deal with your vet and the tick and all of it. Hopefully everything gets worked out for you and Milton.

Julie, this discussion is from 2012. :)



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