I gave Toby his first "real" haircut in a few installments over the last week.  I'm not convinced I like this style for him.  DH and I both think maybe I should have left more on top of his head?  I initially had just done 1/2" on his body and not touched his head and DH complained he looked too "poodly" with the poofy head and short body...so I did 1/2" on his head as well and round cut his ears with shears.  

I haven't gone back to do "cleanup" with shears for uneven spots but I think he turned out looking pretty cute.   He's so CURLY now after the cut and going outside in the rain a bit! I think I also need to invest in a pair of curved shears because getting nice even round paws and round head on a poodle-like coat is HARD without them (nearly impossible)!  

What do you think?  Suggestions for Toby's next haircut?  He's growing so fast!  4.5 months old already.  Of course he's going to grow so maybe 1" all over like Riley will work when he is bigger. 

Before:  (very cute but getting super long and an unruly mess... i've been giving him face/feet/sanitary trims every few weeks but until now had not touched the rest of his body)8714323891?profile=RESIZE_584x

During: (Poor Toby he looked so sad... and so tiny!)


After:  (Riley had a trim too!  1" all over except I scissor cut her head)




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  • I'm no expert on grooming and I'm amazed by anyone who even tries to do it themselves, lol. I think you did a great job, but I'd like to see both the ears and the topknot a little bit longer. 

    • I agree, I think that's what's "bothering" me about it.  I'll see what he looks like as it grows back out that should help us figure out a good length.

      BTW he's already about as tall as Luna (though her body was longer) - figured that out because he is able to reach the edge of the kitchen counter like she was lol.

    • I agree longer top & ears. His feet look really good!  I have a hard time getting front legs even and feet looking so neat.  You can experment.  Sometimes I look at other doodles and wonder how Picco would look like with a similar cut but doodle coats are so different that some styles just won't work.  I do leave it longer in cooler weather and just do head/face trim after every other bath instead of whole body.

      • Toby is VERY patient about me doing his feet - lets me hold them and turn them any way I please.  You can tell the difference with Riley who is very fussy about her feet and hers are not nearly as even.  

        • Your lucky with Toby!  Picco always pulls his paws away.  I learned by watching a video that you hold one leg up then you can work on the other. 

          • That's a good trick, thanks!  I'll have to try that with Riley.  She is such a princess about her paws.

  • Great job.

  • He looks cute. I like the faces a little longer. Not necessarily the beard, but the moustache. I also like the ears a little longer and then cut straight across the bottom. I also try to do the legs a little longer than the body, I think it balances them out a little bit, although in reality the legs are the dirty part so they should probably be shorter! But I'm making up grooming as I go along, and it's 100% personal preference, so as long as he's clean and not matted he is great! 

    • Yes, the legs really need to be a little longer than the body for balance. Not just Toby's legs, all doodle & Poodle legs, lol. 

    • I think it'll be a lot easier to judge how his hair will fall once his puppy coat is gone.  I really love the look of Riley's head but Toby has a very different hair texture and his head will never look like that.   I've never cut a dog's (or human's) hair that was this curly so it's going to take some adjustment.  

      You're right about the beard/moustache ratio, I think I subconsciously do that with Riley :p 

      For the ears I think I should've left them alone. I got a little carried away thinking it would look better if they were the same length as the rest but I have regrets haha.  Oh well, it grows out!

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