Too soon??

Hi everyone! It has been such a source of pleasure coming on here and seeing everyone's adorable dogs during this crazy time in the world. My family is welcoming a goldendoodle in about a month. Our yellow lab passed a few years ago and the time is finally right for us to do it again. Here is our new guy, an F1 goldendoodle we've named Bowie. He is 4.5 weeks in these pics. Is it too soon to tell whether he will have an open face or look more doodle??? His face is wet in these pics bc we was playing in his water bowel (we've been told).5858527463?profile=RESIZE_584x We are new to all of this. Thanks for input, we are so excited!!!

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  • Even wet, he has plenty of furnishings. Definitely not open faced. Nice thick wavy coat, too. He will look very doodle-y.

    • Yay! Thanks for the reply, your guy is so cute! How old is he?

  • I agree.


    • Love the pics of your beautiful, happy dogs!! How big are they? Bowie's mom is 63lb golden retriever and dad is 45lb poodle. He is predicted to be mid to high 50s but I know he can be much bigger. Our lab was 88lbs so we are used to big boys 😂

      • Riley's parents were both around 65 lbs (Bernese and standard poodle) and Riley is about 80 lbs... I guess she takes after her Bernese grandfather. :p  You never know!  

        I've also heard stories of supposed "mini" F1 doodles being 100 lbs.  Our mini Goldendoodle, Luna, was between her parents "(20 lbs and 50 lbs) at 40 lbs though.

        Your future puppy is super cute, congratulations :)  

  • What a cutie!

    • Thank you! We are so excited!

  • He's adorable and he looks very Doodley to me :)

    • I am hoping so mainly bc we had a yellow lab for 14 years. And he was the best dog in the world but I want our new family member to look and feel completely different to us. It's strange getting a new dog...first time I've experienced it as Harry was our first and only. 

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