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Hi y’all!

Getting ready for the arrival of Brody, an F1 Goldendoodle; pictures coming soon. I’m in the process of prepping his new forever home and want to know some good puppy toys to help with teething and boredom. Any ideas? Be as specific as possible please. Any other suggestions and recommendations are going to be very helpful as this is my first Doodle.



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Lots of toys, lots of textures, stuffed animals, squeak toys, teething bones. He will probably still go after your shoes and slippers. His own blanket to drag around. Can’t wait to see pics. 

Dev, thank you! I just used Chewy and got tons of greats toys; All sorts! I’ll be adding so many pics once I get him Saturday morning. May even have to make him his own Instagram hah!

I would get a variety to see what he likes. Puppy Kong, Puppy Nylabone, a ball, a stuffie (just supervise in case he destroys it and tries to eat the squeaker), a toy that you put kibble in.

All good suggestions here - Kong I'd suggest getting the Large puppy kongs if he's a standard.  Riley pretty much outgrew her "small" one within a few weeks (she can fit the whole thing in her mouth now... no good) so we use the full sized ones for stuffing when we leave the house.

I'd wait two weeks after pup comes home (since they are technically new "food") to give these but Riley LOVES Himalayan/yak cheese chews and her split antler for teething.  Again I'd get larger ones since the standard pups grow so quick!

Great suggestions! I’ll add that to my future orders for Brody in

Thanks J and Riley :)

Congratulations!  Can’t wait to see Brody :)

Just one thing I remember with my dog Nala.  She couldn’t have stuffed animal like toys as a baby.   She would chew through to the stuffing, or rip parts off.  She couldn’t even have a doggie bed for quite some time, would do the same to it.  I think it depends on your pup, they are all different, just be aware.  You literally have to watch their every move when they are pups.  With Nala we did use a lot of those teething toys, and we are big fans too.  :)
Best of luck,

Christine & Miss Nala 



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