Treat Planet Giveaway!

Monday's episode of The Doodle Kisses Podcast is my interview with the president of Treat Planet, Doug Martin.  He is going to be giving us a package of treats to give away to one lucky Doodle Kisses Member!  To enter the drawing for this package of treats, you'll need to listen to the podcast and then answer the three questions (given on the podcast) in the comments below.   PLEASE NO CHEATING BY LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE'S ANSWERS FIRST.  We are going on the honor system and you've gotta actually listen to the podcast ;-)

Discussion is allowed, but only one entry will be counted per member.  

DEADLINE: Dec 31, 2019

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  • Are we supposed to answer the questions here? Won't that give everyone the answers w/o listening to the podcast? 

    1. Cosmo & Comet
    2. Etta Says Eat Simple Freeze Dried treats
    3. Treat Planet supports their community in many ways including employing handicapped adults at their manufacturing facility. 

  • This was a great episode. Do you think he has a job for me? Or needs a date? ;)

    • LOL.  I don't know his marital status, but I know he has at least one teenager. Want his eeeemail ;) ?

      • Thanks for the offer, but that might be weird! He does sound like the real deal though. I would love to meet someone who loves dogs as much as I do - and how much better if you can make a living doing dog things? I admit I have a weird hangup thinking about sharing the dogs with another person. What if they like him more than me???

        • Hahaha!

          There's a woman I know from an older doodle forum who met her husband at doggy daycare. They had 10 dogs together at one point... Before kids.  Now with kids they have 4-5 dogs (?).


          Is there an online dating app for dog lovers? There should be! 

  • if you are willing to ship to Canada I will throw my hat into the ring :)

    1. Cosmo and Comet

    2. The rawhide treats that degrade overnight in a glass of water

    3. I found the discussion on importing "rescue" dogs interesting as that is has been on my mind recently

  • I just remembered this. Did you chose a winner Adina?

This reply was deleted.