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Hello Doodle Lovers from Northern Virginia!

There is a Northern Virginia group...but the activity stopped in 2011.  So I'm sending out a message for anyone in the Northern Virginia area to join the group so we can talk to each other.  It would be super to have romps again!

I am also seeking some confidence building support as I try to groom my girl for the first time, and exchange technique with others who have a very soft coated doodle.

Her fur is matting very close to her skin even when it is trimmed to 1/4" length.  I wanted someone to have a look-see and help me decide if I want to (have to) resort to chopping with a de-matting comb.  I really don't want to Thin her coat...just get to the mats!

I will keep my fingers crossed that soon there will be many new doodle lovers in the Northern Virginia group :)

Colleen and Dinah

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Hey!  This is great--at least 11 views so far.  I look forward to having Doodle Romps.



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