I want to remove the word "welcome" from in front of my name on my page but I don't see anywhere that it allows me to change, I don't see it on others pages so it must be possible and probably something I am not doing right..please help! Thanks

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  • Did you get it? Look like it's gone to me??? I was able to take mine down too.
  • Only you see it since it is welcoming you.
  • Oh okay thanks, I was trying to add more to my name but I guess I used All the spaces provided..I thought welcome was using them..thank you so much!
  • Is there a way to add more spaces where my name goes, I can't put everything?
  • You do, apparently, have some problems with your page.  When you go to your page, there is no place to add a comment.  I take it that you had a successful breeding of your ALDs and now have puppies.  Are you trying to sell them on DK?  Pictures would be nice.

    • I see her comments section fine.  It's there.  But remember, Lynda, that she can't post puppies for sale anywhere but in the sales group.
  • Thanks Adina, I knew not to post forsales..I didn't know there was a sales group though..I'll check it out thanks..Lynda, I think this answer your question..
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