Our sweet eleven year old Springer developed bloat this morning. As soon as we realized something was wrong, we rushed him to our 'vacation' vet where he had emergency surgery to 'untangle' his insides, his stomach and spleen had sustained too much damage and we had to let him go.  We are in shock and devastated to say the least.  Even the vet said at first she suspected other serious problems because English Springer Spaniels aren't a breed commonly connected with bloat.  Gordie didn't display 'all' the symptoms listed in the articles until he was actually at the vet, but he was sick enough that it was obvious that something was seriously wrong.   I write this in hopes that you will learn the symptoms and watch your precious pups and listen to your what your gut is telling you. 


Gordie was from a backyard breeder before we knew what that meant.  He had quite a few physical problems throughout his life consistent with careless breeding.  He weathered these with his sweet temperament.  It was very hard for us to know when Gordie was in pain because he was so stoic.  Today he wasn't, and that was our biggest clue. 

One thing Gordie was, was anxious.  When he was a puppy, it showed up in his destructiveness.  He ate 2 couches and a chair cushion by cushion; he chewed molding off the walls; he ate the corners off rugs; and scratched doors.  As a pup he could not tolerate crating, but when allowed on the bed, stayed put until morning. He outgrew being destructive when trying to 'find' us and began his heart-wrenching howling and  barking.  He had to be with 'his people' and if he wasn't, he was frantic.  Recently he got shut in a bedroom.  It wasn't more than a minute before the howling began. We adjusted our lives to ensure that Gordie wasn't left alone.  Yet with all this anxiety, he was also the perfect dog.  My youngest son often took him to college where he slept with the guys, attended classes, watched skate boarding and  Frisbee golf.

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  • Oh Nancy, I am so, so very sorry for your loss. I know you will miss him terribly. You gave him a wonderful life and he was well loved. Hugs to you and your family.

  • Gordie was THE SWEETEST dog! We had the pleasure of " romping" with him many times. His coat and face felt like silk. So soft and " kissable". Thankfully, I got a kiss in a few weeks ago. My heart just aches for you both, Nanc. Gordie had such an amazing life with you and " the crew". He could not have asked for a better life. (( hugs))
  • Nancy, I'm so sad to hear this news.  I have always admired how you were always able to unconditionally love Gordie and adjust your life to accommodate his insecurities.  You have always been an inspiration to me as I went through my "Murphy issues".  You and your DH are two of the best dog owners I know.  Sending hugs....

    • Thank you, Jane.  You are still my hero. Gordie was our special guy in so many ways.

  • Nancy, I'm so sorry … so very sorry.  I always loved seeing Gordie among the doodles.  From your posts, I know you guys gave him a wonderful life of love. Your photos are a touching and beautiful tribute. Sending hugs to all of you.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this Nancy.  I always loved your Gordie stories.  You were wonderful doggy parents to him. 

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