Hi! Have anyone's Doodle had TTA surgery on a partially torn ACL (CCL) knee ligament? My girl Stella seems to have injured herself and she may have to have this surgery. She is 9 and a super active Colorado Girl. Can you share with me your experience, recovery time, success, cost and overall prognosis? Thank you so much for any words of wisdom!

Karen & Stella Doodle


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  • Our Springer Spaniel tore both of his CCLs about 2 years apart. He had surgical repairs.  Take to heart the confinement and rehab guidelines.  Whle our Springer still had his bandages we put a child sock on his paw when we went our to potty walk (always on leash) to protect the bandages. We created a pen by using an expen and a small hallway. When our doodle, Charlie had hip replacement last November, we again followed the rehab guidelines.  We also had a big kennel for him to sleep in.  We used the cone whenever we could not watch him.

  • Oliver (9) had back to back TPLO surgery last summer.  The first was a partial tear and we tried to work through it for almost a year before surgery.  He was just lame and not showing much pain but we decided it was best to have the surgery.  I followed the the rehab and confinement guidelines with one big mistake...during his 11th week, I allowed him off leash and he ran and leaped over our 3 front stairs and completely tore the other.  He went back in for his second surgery the following week.  I was told that there was an 80% chance of tearing the other, I just did not expect it that soon.  Oliver did swim therapy after the first and again after the second surgery.  Although he had never swam before, he seemed to enjoy it and it definitely helped with the recovery.  We did not use a cone at all, he was very good at not touching it.  I pretty much stayed home 24/7 for 14 weeks.  Oliver is a very sensitive boy, he definitely got stressed with the confinement during his first surgery.  He was prescribed Carprofen for anti inflammatory, Gabapentin for pain and Trazadone for anti anxiety.  The day after his 2 week check up (first surgery), he suffered a major seizure.  It was the scariest thing I ever experienced!  I rushed him to my regular Vet and he was thoroghly checked out, bloodwork included and there was no reason found for the seizure.  I definitely felt it was stress and drug related.  So after the second surgery, instead of confining him, I kept him on a leash and moved his bed around the house with me.  I did not give him anything for anxiety and only half the dosage of Gabapentin and what was prescribed for the Carprofen. 

    He has 100% recovered!  He runs, fetches and plays like a 2 year old.  I know TTA is a bit different from TPLO but I don't totally understand the difference.  We got 2 opinions and both recommended the TPLO.  It is a long and difficult recovery but we are completely satisified.  Best of luck to you!!7136816297?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Boca tore her first CCL at age 6 and got a lateral suture.  Tore the other at age 9 and we went with the same surgery.  She's 10 now and doing great. Though I don't run her or play fetch anymore, she runs on her own in the yard. She's such a hard pivoting runner that I'm sure old games of fetch did it the first time. 

  • Just sending my Sweet Stella some get well hugs from me and some kisses from her Sissy -  : )


  • We have had the suture procedure as well.  Why are they recommending the TTA surgery?  I'm just curious as I think pretty much everyone I know has either been TPLO or suture.  Biggest difference in TPLO and suture is the recovery process.  I don't think you have to be quite as careful with the TPLO as you do the suture procedure, as if they jump as bust the suture, you start all over.  TPLO still has a lengthly recovery, just not as restricted.

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