• An experienced breeder can make an excellent prediction when they are still quite young.  You can look at past puppy photos of the pair and see what those puppy coats are like.  Others have more coat experience than I do.

    • Totally agree, an experienced breeder knows his or her pups and will definitely be able to tell.  My Ivy has a wavy, fleece coat.


      2016-01-31 15.09.00.jpg
  • Thanks everyone. The breeder says the pups are wavy fleece.  I was just wondering how can you determine this.

  • Thank you! Ivy was about 10 weeks in the puppy picture.

  • What a beautiful dog!!  So if your puppy had a wavy fleece coat when it was little, did it stay as a wavy fleece as an adult once it went through the coat change?

    • I'm curious about this too :)

      Riley has what I believe is a slightly wavy fleece coat.  She's 7 months old so surely some of it must be adult coat by now.... if this is indeed her adult coat I'd be very happy with it, it barely mats at all (actually I have yet to find any mats but I brush her every day or two).

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