From what breed does a phantom-colored Australian labradoodle get its color and coat pattern?

If Australian labradoodles are a mixture of labrador retriever, poodle and cocker spaniel, and none of those breeds (to my knowledge) have that phantom coloring, how does it result in a phantom-colored labradoodle? I hope you understand my long-winded question!


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  • There ARE Poodles with Phantom coloring, although they are disqualified from being shown in AKC conformation, as are all multicolor Poodles.
    However, we know that there were at least 7 different breeds used to create the ALDs back in Australia, and different lines were bred from different combinations of breeds, so it's impossible to know where the coloring comes from. 

    • Don't cockers come with tan points...ala phantom?

      • It's not exactly phantom. It's referred to as "tan markings" and the patterns are a little different. But it could be the source of phantom looking coloring in ALDs.


        • So, there are no associated medical risks in a labradoodle with a "phantom" coat?


          • There are no health issues associated with phantom coloring in Poodles. I don't know about other breeds. 

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