Haley’s Lymphoma is in remission after 4 rounds of chemo. About 3 weeks after the last chemo his pain returned to the point he could not put much weight on the foot of the effected limb. His oncologist tried an infusion of Zoledronate to manage the pain. It didn’t help. Then she tried 2 infusions of Pamidronate two weeks apart. They did nothing. She then put him on oxycodone to no effect and he quit eating. At that point she finally recommended amputation to get rid of the painful limb.
On June 6th we left Haley with the surgeon in Richmond. We had been prepared since the diagnosis of osteosarcoma for this. Surgery went well. We chose to leave Haley at the hospital an extra day since there was a one and one half hour ride to get home.
Saturday we took Haley back to the surgeon to have the staples removed. He continues to improve daily. He is starting to stand to eat and is able to step one short step down to the back porch. He still needs help on the steps off the porch and with a little support when he poops.
He will be going back to the oncologist to monitor the Lymphoma.
It is so good to have Haley back and feeling well. Its been a long journey of 4 months. He is a happy boy again with lots of tail wags.

A couple of pictures of Haley since chemo.

Wearing a cut down shirt to protect his elbows before amputation.


Quality time with dad.


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  • Oh my heart!  So much for him to go through!  What a sweet sweet trooper!  Amazing perseverance.  He probably wonders wth?  Will he ever be able to get around by himself?  He got quite a 'fur' cut!  Gorgeous as always.

    • He should be able to do most things in time.  Haley is proof that hair isn't everything.

  • I'm so glad Haley is doing well. I know how hard this must be for you, and how much he is loved. I'm sure that he knows it, too. :)
    Dogs generally manage very well with three legs. I hope Haley continues to do well. 

    • Thanks, Karen.   I am amazed at his progress.

  • Thank you so much for the update. I've been thinking about him. I'm so heartened that he's doing well. Love the photos. 

    • Thanks,  Nancy. 

  • So sorry to hear all of Haley's troubles. Wishing him a good recovery and more carefree time.

  • Go Haley!  

  • Wishing Haley a speedy recovery!  He does look like a happy boy and you must be so proud of him!  What a special dog and a loving family.   Best wishes.

    Christine & Nala 

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