Update on Histiocytoma

Previously diagnosed as a chalazion, but after needle aspiration it was confirmed to be a histiocytoma.  Here it is approximately 8 weeks later.  It is beginning to ulcerate so I brought Ivy back to the vet today for a check.  Vet prescribed oral antibiotic Cefpodoxime, 1 tablet once a day with food and we are to continue with lubricating eye drops and Benedryl for the itching.  I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Cefpodoxime and how it is tolerated. Poor Ivy is hardly eating, pretty certain it is because she is drugged from the Benedryl, even though I am only giving her a small dosage.  She will still go for walks and play ball but she is definitely not herself :(  3364245727?profile=original

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  • Poor Ivy. I hope the meds help quickly.
    Jackdoodle got nauseated from cephalexin, and I think cefpodoxime is in the same drug category, both cephalosporins. The vet advised me to give him a Pepcid AC (I don't remember the dose) about 30 minutes before giving the antibiotic. That helped a lot. If Ivy seems to be nauseated from the drug, maybe you could ask your vet about giving her Pepcid or some other antacid. 

    • exactly what I was going to suggest.

  • I am so sorry for Ivy.  Thank you for posting about it so that those of us who haven't experienced it - yet - will be familiar with it should we need to be.  I hope Ivy feels better quickly with this treatment.

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