Back in April I did some research on mixing your own HW preventative and started a discussion here on DK.  I wanted to post an update.  I did indeed order Ivermectin and propylene glycol along with a small dark glass bottle for mixing and the right size syringe for measuring the doses.  We are on month 3 of  making our own HW prevention doses.  Because the propylene glycol is slightly sweet I don't need to hide the dose in anything special; I just squirt the dose over everyone's dinner and they gobble it down.  The dosage guide I ultimately used also prevents tapes, hooks and other worms.  We have had no side effects whatsoever.

If I had to complain about anything (which I can't) is that I had to buy 10 syringes when I only need one for measuring. :)

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  • That sounds great. Can you share the old link or give us a review?

  • That's great, big savings and great preventative! 


    However, for those that have NOT done the research as you have, PLEASE make sure you do not have an ivermectin sensitive breed of dog in your home as this could be dangerous.  (I have had breeds in the past - an aussie and a border collie mix - that were sensitive to ivermectin and have seen the side effects of those affected while working in an animal hospital.)

  • F - here is the link to the old discussion

    Marnie, You are correct that some breeds are ivermectin sensitive.  Here is an article that discusses which breeds are shown to have a sensitivity (  It also talks about common symptoms.  It is good information to know regardless you make your own doses or use HW preventative from your vet.

    • Thanks Nina. I'm glad this is working well for you.
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