Update on Platform Change

I just sent out an email with an update from Clark on the DK platform change.  In case you didn't get that...here's what Clark has to say:

“Are you ready for the site transfer?  Make sure your email address here on DK is one that you have access to and actively receive emails at.  That email address will be the basis for your new login.

I’m making progress on the transition of the DK site to the new platform.  But it’s slow.  Ning (our current platform provider) has an Archiver that gives us all the data from our site.  This is the data I am using to populate the new site.  Unfortunately, the data archives from Ning have syntax errors in them.  This requires that I manually correct the data syntax in the data file before it will upload to the new site correctly.  Unfortunately the data errors in the archive provided to us will keep us from updating the site exactly at the end of July.  But soon!  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  As we can see from the DK site downtime this past week, it’s high time for the platform upgrade.  Onward!”

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  • my email is defunct so need to update you, can you friend me so I can send you the new email? Thanks

    • Nicky, I think you just need to change your email address in your Settings. 

  • I have tried to change it twice and it just reverts back to the incorrect one. I will try it again.

    • Did you hit SAVE at the bottom?
  • This is welcome news.
  • Here's the process I went through just now to test it (worked for me).
    1) Go to Settings page
    2) Click "Change" next to email address.  This should take you to a new screen/page.
    3) The new screen/page has a place to type in the new email address twice and to put in a password.
    4) Then hit "Save"
    5) Then you should get an email notification at your new email address asking you to confirm this change...you just click the provided link.
    6) The link took me back to the main page where I was already logged in.  So I logged out.
    7) Logged in with new address, etc.

    • Ok so here goes, if you never see me again it's because I couldn't log back in...just kidding, kind of.

      • Just don't forget your password!!!

    • I still cannot log in with my correct email address, only the incorrect one. I did everything. I have received the link in my correct email and followed that, still logged in, logged out and still cannot log in with new one.

      • OK, I will report this to tech support.  Would you say the process went as I listed above?  Except...for the log in?

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